Absolute RC Plane Sim Mod APK 3.56 (Unlocked)
Absolute RC Plane Sim Mod APK 3.56 (Unlocked)

Absolute RC Plane Sim Mod APK 3.56 (Unlocked)

By TT - August 12, 2022
Name LMHMOD Absolute RC Plane Sim
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 11
Publisher Happy Bytes LLC
Size 61MB
Version 3.56
MOD Features Unlocked
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 12, 2022 (4 months ago )

Absolute RC Plane Sim Mod gives you professional flying experience on a handheld. It features a collection of vehicles ranging from drones to boats and radio-controlled helicopters. You can drive them through the on-screen levers. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to see meticulously designed and detailed surreal models, just like real-life vehicles. With simple controls, whether you are a new player or an expert, it’s easy to get to it. So, if you love piloting RC aircraft models, this is indeed the game for you. Let’s explore the range of RC models available here and enjoy the excitement of riding them in the sky.

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RC stands for Radio Control. So, RC airplane models are small airplanes that are designed based on real aircraft models and can be controlled by radio. This game allows you to drive them right on your phone with just a few simple steps. But it is designed with high-end 3D graphics, providing realistic images, an intuitive control interface, and realistic environmental conditions. Moreover, the collision effects are also described vividly. But you can spoil the models if you want without fear. So this is an RC airplane flight simulator that you should try before driving expensive real models.


Control the models your way

Different from the realistic flight simulators often found on phones, this game is closer and more user-friendly thanks to the extremely simple controls. But it still gives you a very attractive flying experience because you can control everything from navigation to acceleration, deceleration, and more. You will start by starting an RC airplane model, then accelerate to take off and hover in the sky, and finally, land. During the flight, you can freely control aerobatic models without fear of wind and rain. When landing, you need to slow down properly to avoid terrible collisions with the runway.

To do these, you just need to use the two left/right levers on either side of the screen. But you need to combine the adjustment of both levers to navigate and control the speed of the model plane. Besides, before driving, you need to spend some time setting up some parameters, such as camera, wind mode, flying area, and more. The game offers multiple camera modes for you to enjoy the feeling of controlling the model from many angles, like from the rear or the side of the model. In addition, you can choose to enable or disable wind mode. The flight area is also quite diverse with many different locations in the city.


Unlock unique RC models

Currently, Absolute RC Plane Sim Mod has up to 4 completely free vehicle models. You can freely unlock and choose to control any model from RC drones to boats, cars, and helicopters. But other special models will require you to make an in-app purchase. They are RC planes with classy looks and powerful stats. If you love them, you can download the Mod version here to own it for free. Besides, you can also unlock new places and flying areas to explore more during the flight.


Various scenes and weather

Where do you want to fly? This game gives you areas to fly like parks, streets, realistic airports, deserts, and more. You can rotate locations to explore many unique landscapes. The scenery around the flight path is always described in detail and realistically, giving you a realistic feeling of flying the plane. Besides, you can customize weather conditions such as adding rain, wind, or storm. These things will challenge your steering in flights, especially when flying long distances and at high altitudes.


3D graphics with high realism

To give gamers the best RC model driving experience, this game is designed with a 3D graphics platform in mind. It highlights RC airplanes, helicopters, and boats in every detail. You can observe and admire them from head to body and their movements when driving them in the sky or the sea. In addition, realistic engine sounds also contribute to the attraction of each flight. Environmental factors are equally vivid.

All in all, Absolute RC Plane Sim Mod is a perfect simulator for you to fly model planes. No need for huge realistic planes, you can just test the models and still feel satisfied. This simulator will make you addicted with its beautiful and detailed models. It is great for those who are passionate about RC models, even children, and adults.

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