Angry Birds Match 3 Mod APK 6.5.0 (Unlimited Lives)
Angry Birds Match 3 Mod APK 6.5.0 (Unlimited Lives)

Angry Birds Match 3 Mod APK 6.5.0 (Unlimited Lives)

By HN - November 21, 2022
Name LMHMOD Angry Birds Match 3
Category Puzzle
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Size 120MB
Version 6.5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Lives
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update November 21, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Inspired by the birds in the famous Angry Birds movie. At the same time, the continuation of previous versions of the Angry Birds Match game series. Publisher Rovio has continued to provide every player with a new version. Enjoy the match-3 puzzle style gameplay, through the game Angry Birds Match 3 Mod. This is the latest version, with lots of improved and added features. In it, you will fully enjoy the fascinating puzzle moments. Levels of play are divided into missions. They are arranged in ascending order. Promises to bring an extremely interesting match-3 puzzle experience. In particular, throughout the process will be accompanied by birds. They will help you conquer all challenges to rescue your teammates from the pig army.

Download Angry Birds Match 3 Mod – Match-3 Puzzle To Rescue The Birds

The story of Angry Birds Match 3 Mod revolves around the attack from the pig army. Similar to the previous versions, the plot remains unchanged. Here, the challenges will be more difficult to face than before. At the same time, many factors have been changed, in order to increase the experience for all players. Now you will have to rescue the birds being captured by the pigs. Play through the levels to puzzle and win. From there, there is also the opportunity to receive new costumes and clothes. Use them to decorate the birds in your own style. At the same time have the opportunity to explore the beautiful world of Angry Birds. However, it will take some time to conquer all challenges. So many levels of play are waiting ahead to pass.Angry Birds Match 3 Mod

Missions according to each level of play

Same as previous versions. The mission system of Angry Birds Match 3 Mod takes place in each level. When participating, your task is to solve match-3 puzzles to collect items. The gameplay is quite simple, just move to arrange horizontally or vertically. A minimum of 3 or more identical items is required. From there will collect them to continue to solve the next puzzle. Repeat each puzzle turn until you collect the required number. From there will complete the task to receive the reward. Achievements will be based on the number of points in the puzzle process. Through it, the achievement will be evaluated by the number of stars. The difficulty of the game will increase every time you start to step to a new level. Items to collect will be changed, and the number will increase.Download Angry Birds Match 3 Mod

Smart puzzle skills

For a match-3 puzzle-style game like Angry Birds Match 3 Mod. The turn is a factor to keep in mind at each level. Because of the limited number of turns, will be reduced after each puzzle. To be able to achieve excellent results with the maximum number of stars. Requires observation skills and flexibility in each puzzle turn. Arrange items intelligently to collect large quantities in one turn. Moreover, complete the mission with a small number of puzzles. That will help you get a higher score. Immediately after collecting the required number of items. The remaining number of puzzles will be automatically used by the system to increase points. However, it’s not just lucking to do that. Which needs to go through a process to improve the experience. From there, you can solve smart puzzles to achieve high results.Angry Birds Match 3 Mod

Create combos with birds

In the process of solving the puzzle to save the birds that are being captured by the pigs. In order to complete the task faster. Conquer many levels of Angry Birds Match 3 Mod with the best achievement. You can combine 4 or more of the same items. From there will generate a random bird-like Bom, Chuck,… Then in the next puzzle turn can use them to create special combos. Each bird will have its own style. For example, collect all items in a horizontal row. Moreover, in both horizontal and vertical rows. Depending on your combination, from there will receive the support of the corresponding birds.Game Angry Birds Match 3 Mod

The graphical interface of Angry Birds Match 3 Mod is highly appreciated. Different from previous versions, thanks to the improved system. The image quality is extremely sharp, combining the vivid color system. Leaving you with an unforgettable impression. Furthermore, through match-3 puzzle levels. The effects of the game are also beautifully reproduced. For example lightning effect, when puzzle items to collect. Mixed with funny sounds, bring a feeling of more excitement. Helps you feel not bored after a long time of experience.

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