Armed Heist Mod APK 2.7.4 (Menu, Immortality, High damage)
Armed Heist Mod APK 2.7.4 (Menu, Immortality, High damage)

Armed Heist Mod APK 2.7.4 (Menu, Immortality, High damage)

By HN - December 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD Armed Heist: Shooting gun game
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Sozap
Size 85MB
Version 2.7.4
MOD Features Menu, Immortality, High damage
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Update December 1, 2022 (3 days ago )

Perform a bank robbery mission in a shooting style in the Armed Heist Mod game. This is an online action game. The content revolves around a criminal armed with a weapon. Actively attack the police to break into the bank. The battles that followed were extremely dramatic. Fight off an onslaught from the police force. Succeed with the bank robbery and get out of there safely. Missions will be completed to receive rewards. The game is designed in the style of a third-person shooter. Instead of only being able to observe the barrel from a first-person perspective. The third-person perspective will give you an impressive experience. Track the actions of the role-playing character. Along with the realistic combination of vivid 3D graphics.

Download Armed Heist Mod – Bank Robbery Shooting War

Based on the online shooting game Armed Heist Mod. With a diverse mission system, taking place according to each scenario. According to the publisher, the game has more than 70 different shooting challenges. Revolving around a bank robbery and against the police force. Each scenario is played out in real-time. In particular, no scenario will be reproduced the same. The competitive shooting battles between you and the police are very intense. Only when attacking to shoot down the police can you protect yourself. At the same time try to defend, and safely survive until the end of time. Then quickly move to the designated location to escape. Then the task will be completed, there is a chance to receive attractive rewards.Armed Heist Mod

Difficulty and skill

Based on the challenges of Armed Heist Mod takes place in each scenario. The difficulty will increase gradually each time you complete the mission. Continue to start a new challenge in the next scenario. The context will be changed, taking place in the rooms of the bank. Especially will have to face a large number of police. They are sent to attack, with orders to destroy you on the spot. Making the wars very intense. Face the onslaught of the police force. Requires the skill of a bandit to be really flexible. Move smart, combine terrain in the bank. Make effective use of surrounding objects to hide. Dodge attacks the police. At the same time improve shooting skills, and shoot bullets accurately. Shoot down the police with headshots.Tai Armed Heist Mod

Each scenario is divided into several phases

Each bank robbery scenario in Armed Heist Mod is divided into several stages. From a third-person perspective, with the ability to observe all activities of the character. As well as easily observing the surrounding terrain. You will have to use the equipped gun as a combat tool. After shooting down the police force or robbing money in the bank. Will continue to move to the next stage. It is to move to the designated location to escape. In the process will be stopped by the police force. They will fire continuously to take your life. To be able to safely leave the area. You have no choice but to shoot to destroy. Then move safely to the required location. The bank robbery mission will be completed.Game Armed Heist Mod

Diverse gun system

Become a bandit in the game Armed Heist Mod. You will have the opportunity to use a variety of weapons. Those are diverse combat guns. Designed with an impressive design. Typically Assault RT4, NATO-UAR, UWP, AK-47,… and many more. The gun system is divided into several segments. Includes handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rifles. The ability of each gun is shown through the technical indicators. Includes damage, fire rate, total ammo count, reload speed, accuracy, stability, and zoom. To own guns will need to use the money to buy. Depending on the type of gun will require different amounts.Download Armed Heist Mod

After owning your favorite gun in Armed Heist Mod. You can improve to increase your strength. Through customizable parts. Includes silencer, muffler, grips and side handles, and more. Each part when equipped will increase the power stats. Helps the gun to have a superior attack when hitting the target. Besides, you can also equip armor and hats in the style of robbers. Help the character increase defense. Can withstand multiple waves of fierce attacks from the police force.

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