Armored Heroes MOD APK {{version}} (Free Purchase, No ADS)
Armored Heroes MOD APK {{version}} (Free Purchase, No ADS)

Armored Heroes MOD APK {{version}} (Free Purchase, No ADS)

By TT - July 12, 2022
Name LMHMOD Armored Heroes
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher 1DER Entertainment
Size 83MB
MOD Features Free Purchase, No ADS
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 12, 2022 (5 months ago )

Armored Heroes Mod is a strategy action game inspired by the second world war. There, you are the commander of the armored corps and are responsible for knocking down the enemy on the opposing side. You and your legion will go to war with tanks. There are dozens of different types of tanks taken from the historical war with great destructive power. Moreover, a variety of unique weapons are available to equip your tank. Do not hesitate to unlock them, help upgrade the tank and improve its destructive ability. Increasingly large campaigns require this upgrade. It is a combat journey that recreates World War II in Russia, Paris of France, and more. A series of levels with increasingly complex battles will make you unable to ignore.

Download Armored Heroes Mod – Lead the tank corps and go to war

We cannot forget the second world war – one of the greatest wars of mankind. So, if you want to feel the heat of it, Armored Heroes is the perfect place to stop. It vividly depicts historical war through tank campaign levels. There you will face off against the AI ​​enemy force to advance and complete the country’s war mission. With simple gameplay mechanics, the game will help you approach the battles easily. But the strategic factor is the most important to make the victory. And the upgrade is the basis for you to go further in the level of progress. The battles with vivid effects will keep you hooked for hours.


Explore hundreds of campaign levels

So far, this game has more than 99 campaign levels. At each level, your mission is to destroy all the tanks from the opposing faction to win and unlock new levels. Not only do you directly lead the war, but you can also storm the battlefield yourself. Drive your tank and point the gun at the enemy, then click to fire. Perfect shots will help you to complete the missions easily. But the challenge is getting more and more difficult because the enemy is getting stronger and stronger. Not only do you need to shoot well, but you also need to know how to take advantage of the terrain. Consider the terrain of the battlefield as part of your battle plan.

In terms of controls, it includes swipes and touches on the screen. Specifically, you will drive the tank forward or backward with a rectangular joystick on the left side of the experience screen. At the same time, to fire, you just need to click on the “fire” icon. But before firing, you can choose the type of ammo and weapon type from among the available. The number of bullets will be displayed visually. You need the right attack strategy to win before you run out of ammo. Besides, please align the shot accurately to achieve high efficiency in each attack. In general, coordinating actions is essential to winning.


Upgrade tanks, unlock maps

In your inventory, Armored Heroes Mod provides many essentials for you to customize and upgrade your tank. Specifically, you will find new tank models with different parameters to choose from. Up to 8 classic tanks are inspired by World War II. Moreover, there are dozens of different types of ammunition to use for each battle. By leveling up and adding necessary equipment to the tank, you will improve its attack ability. The higher the level, the greater the destructive power and the better the tank’s durability. This is the basis for you to conquer increasingly complex battles. Moreover, do not hesitate to design tanks with new paint colors. You can also add stickers and icons to add a national touch.

Over time, many new maps are also unlocked. Snowy roads or mysterious jungles will appear in your campaign. The rugged mountainous terrain will affect the battle strategy at each level. You can use it to hide or attack, depending on the battlefield situation. As can be seen, the field map of the historical war is described quite realistically in this game.


Vivid 2D design on a vertical screen

Your tank battles will come to life on the horizontal screen. The battlefield context changes dynamically through levels throughout your moving journey. Besides, the image of the tank with a 2D design is equally realistic. Accompanying that, the effects of shooting, tank explosion, and more impress. The vibrant and heroic melodies also contribute to the epic and realistic battles.

So, maybe you should have Armored Heroes Mod on your phone. 2D tank battles will delight you with vivid effects and intuitive controls. Drive your tank into the battlefield and destroy all enemy tanks. Overcome the toughest challenges and enjoy the fierceness of the second world war, are you ready?

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