Bad North: Jotunn Edition Mod APK 2.00.18 (Unlimited Money)
Bad North: Jotunn Edition Mod APK 2.00.18 (Unlimited Money)

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Mod APK 2.00.18 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - August 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD Bad North: Jotunn Edition
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Raw Fury
Size 186MB
Version 2.00.18
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update August 1, 2022 (4 months ago )

Bad North: Jotunn Edition Mod is a captivating and brutal roguelike strategy game. It promises to make you fall in love with its top-notch tactical gameplay and artistic hand-drawn design. The story of the game is about your journey against the invading Viking legion. You will go through many defensive wars with the only goal: to protect your kingdom from the enemies. To do this, you must learn how to work like a real military strategist. You must know how to coordinate units of soldiers to utilize their power in defensive combat. Over time, increasingly difficult battles will challenge both your bravery and intelligence. Show you can withstand every wave of enemies.

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Join the game, you will officially become an important part of a long war. Your kingdom on a peaceful island has just been destroyed by invading Vikings. They kill the king and are plotting to rule the kingdom in the most brutal way. You, the last descendant of the royal line, must stand up against your enemies to keep the peace. You must be a talented and reliable strategist to be able to lead the masses and armies, thereby winning against waves of attacks from the enemy. This war takes place on an island surrounded by the sea. Each wave of attacks will rush from the sea to the island, and you need to defend against it.


Defend your way

This fight is for the survival and dignity of a kingdom, not for wealth or power. So, get ready for the righteous war against the brutal Vikings according to the level system from easy to difficult. The game also allows you to choose the difficulty level before starting. And best, you should try the easy level first and gradually increase the level over time. Your battle journey will go through the campaign system. In each campaign, you will have your own goals to achieve. But basically, your ultimate goal is to defeat the Viking armies coming in from the sea. Finish them off and let their blood literally redden the earth on your island.

To win, you need a wise defense plan. Your job is to position and deploy troops in important positions to fight threats from many sides. Your army is a collection of many different types of units with their own advantages. Therefore, to have an effective strategy, you need to understand each and every unit even the smallest in your army. Besides, each small army will be led by a commander. You need to choose the right leader and deploy your army effectively to gain an advantage in the defensive battle. As can be seen, the gameplay mechanism mainly clicks and swipes to arrange troops. But the strategic factor is of prime importance.


Unlock and upgrade unique units

Over time, Bad North: Jotunn Edition Mod will give you access to a lot of new content. As enemies become more diverse and powerful, you also have more opportunities to unlock and upgrade. Specifically, you can refresh your army by unlocking a variety of new units, typically archers, spearmen, and swordsmen. Each type of unit has its own characteristics. For example, archers have a long-range, suitable for placing high and attacking down to support melee units. Units such as spearmen and swordsmen have high mobility, often used as vanguards to approach the enemy from the edge of the island.

You can upgrade your units to improve combat and defense. Over time, you also gain access to many new unit classes to easily diversify your strategy. The special thing is that it is you who come up with new unit classes by choosing the development directions on the skill tree and units. So it can be seen that you have full control over the strategy that takes place in this game, which in turn determines the outcome of your battle.


Classic hand-drawn graphic style

What sets this game apart is the graphic style. It stimulates the battlefield scene very simply but delicately. The battlefield is a lone island in the vast sea with gentle and peaceful beauty. But every time the enemy comes, you can feel the heat of the battles with simple but effective effects. The eloquent background music is also what contributes to the attractiveness of the battlefield.

Overall, Bad North: Jotunn Edition Mod will bring you exciting and new strategic experiences. It is unlike any other strategy game from gameplay to visual style. The battles have never been so captivating and poetic. But they are really attractive and addictive with top-notch strategy elements. Don’t hesitate to download the game and test your defense strategies.

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