Blade & Soul 2 XAPK {{version}}
Blade & Soul 2 XAPK {{version}}

Blade & Soul 2 XAPK {{version}}

By HN - July 20, 2022
Name LMHMOD Blade & Soul 2
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher NCSOFT
Size 868MB
Version 0.80.1
Get It On APK Google Play
Update July 20, 2022 (5 months ago )

Perform the duties of a warrior in the game Blade & Soul 2 Mod. The game is built in oriental art style. Open up a vast fantasy world. With countless mysteries waiting ahead. Along with that are difficult challenges waiting for you to perform. Complete quests to further explore the fantasy world. Get a chance to learn about the mountains, and cross the land of the dead. Face the fearsome enemies that are lurking. At the same time, there is also the opportunity to meet many other NPC characters. Along with that are interesting features for all players. When participating, you will be role-playing as a warrior with a custom appearance. Perform quests according to the game’s plot. Collect much valuable loot to use in character development activities.

Download Blade & Soul 2 Mod – Explore the Fantasy World in Oriental Style

Before getting ready for a challenging journey in Blade & Soul 2 Mod. You will be able to customize the character according to the options provided by the system. Hero duo in the style of angels, demons, or hybrid beasts. Then select your favorite style face. Completing the hero duo selection process can start the quest. Based on the gameplay, with the rules and design from the publisher. The journey that takes place will be accompanied by two heroes. One person will support, and the other will carry out the main activities. For example, fight, attack enemies, and move to different locations. At the same time, the person in the supporting role will move along. Sometimes two heroes will chat, through which you will better understand the task to be performed.Blade & Soul 2 Mod

Gameplay, use of healing items

Explore an oriental fantasy world in Blade & Soul 2 Mod. You can freely move on the vast map. Perform various activities without restriction. As well as attack the enemy according to the liberal strategy. Use the skills learned to fight. The battles were extremely fierce. Throughout the experience, it is necessary to monitor vitality and energy. Those are the deciding factors for the hero’s survival. The amount of health will gradually decrease after each enemy attack. Likewise, using skills will consume a lot of energy. To increase survivability, continue the fight. Uncover unknown mysteries in the fantasy world. You need to use the collected items to restore the hero’s mana and health.Blade & Soul 2 Mod APK

Facing many monsters, boss

In the journey to explore the world of Blade & Soul 2 Mod. Accompany two heroes in fierce battles. They will have to fight a lot of different enemies. Monsters appear at many locations on the map. If unfortunately attacking them, a war will open. All monsters in the surrounding radius will rush to take the hero’s life. Each enemy has its own fighting style. The difference between them is also reflected in their appearance, which has a scary appearance. Moreover, in some assigned tasks. You also have to fight monster bosses. It is the enemy that makes the war more intense and intense than ever. It’s not just the body size that’s bigger than normal monsters. And the boss’s fighting power is also superior.Game Blade & Soul 2 Mod

Meet NPC characters, rewards

Complete the quest in each battle of Blade & Soul 2 Mod. You will have the opportunity to meet many other NPC characters. Through the conversation with them to get new quests. From there it is possible to learn stories in the fantasy world. Discover new places. Classic fighting style. Along with that is the difficulty of each task. The challenge will constantly increase, creating new difficulties. However, that is what will add to the experience. Gives you the opportunity to conquer challenges to prove yourself. Along with that is the reward received after completion. It’s bonuses and trophies. Can be used to perform trading operations. Or use items to craft. Increase the fighting power of the hero.Download Blade & Soul 2 Mod

Is a role-playing game, combined with action elements. Blade & Soul 2 Mod is designed in oriental style. Bring the nostalgia of the environment and the battles in the classic gameplay. Give you a new experience when participating in the game. Expressed through the environment, the landscape. Along with that is the combat effect in the skirmishes. The skill effect every time the character uses it to attack an enemy will be recreated. At the same time, the sound is simulated impressively. The music melodies and sounds are converted appropriately. Interspersed with background music whenever learning about the story unfolds.

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