Blade&Soul Revolution APK {{version}}
Blade&Soul Revolution APK {{version}}

Blade&Soul Revolution APK {{version}}

By HN - August 11, 2022
Name LMHMOD Blade&Soul Revolution
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Netmarble
Size 201MB
Get It On APK Google Play
Update August 11, 2022 (4 months ago )

Built-in action role-playing style. Blade&Soul Revolution Mod game opens a vast fantasy world. This is a game designed in the form of an MMORPG. Take place in attractive and dramatic battles. Role-play as a hero to join the adventure. Your quest is fascinating, with challenges to face. Fight against countless enemies to develop yourself. At the same time overcome dangerous challenges to explore many locations. To bring the best gameplay experience. The publisher has used the online multiplayer mode feature. Combining the MMORPG style will help you stay connected with other players. Join them together to create a story of their own.

Download Blade&Soul Revolution Mod – Adventure in a Big Fantasy World

The content of Blade&Soul Revolution Mod is built according to a cinematic plot. More than 150 high-quality movies will be recreated. Through the process of playing, each movie is nested at different times by the system. Combines open gameplay in a huge world. You have the opportunity to explore a lot of beautiful places. Get to see the vivid landscape, with many impressive landscapes. At the same time, you can fight freely, using skills to attack in your own style. Face fearsome and dangerous enemies. Only by fighting and defeating them can you develop yourself. As well as wanting to survive in a world full of competition. There will be many different tasks to perform. With challenges that can cost your life.Blade&Soul Revolution Mod

Diverse quests, get rewards

The mission system in the game Blade&Soul Revolution Mod is very diverse. Through meeting NPC characters in the game. They appear at various locations on the vast map. Meet and chat to get quests and be led by them. For example, fighting with enchanted straw people. Fight the fearsome demons from hell. Even in some missions will have to fight with other NPC characters. Through reenacted movies. You will know how impressive their power is. There are many other quests that will be unlocked after completing the challenge. Besides, after each mission is completed according to the request from the NPC character. You will get experience points and battle items. When enough experience is accumulated, a new level will be reached.Download Blade&Soul Revolution Mod

Hero system, story per person

Before entering the adventure in the game Blade&Soul Revolution Mod. You can choose to play as one of four different characters. Including Jin, Gon, Lyn, and Yun. They are all heroes, possessing their own outstanding fighting abilities. Through the study will know the details of each person’s strength and story.

  • Jin is a descendant of black people. Thanks to their intelligence and diligence, possessing the ability to fight persistently. Outstanding power in defense.
  • Gon is a hero descended from the Dragon. They value their courage and strength. Outstanding combat ability is demonstrated through the defense and party play.
  • Yun is a heroine, of the lineage of the Fenghuang graces. This is a race descended from mythical birds. Has an outstanding attack style and loves to party.
  • Finally, Lyn belongs to the descendants of the Kirin race. With their innate keen senses, they could surpass any other race’s physicality. Outstanding power in the party play factor.

Game Blade&Soul Revolution Mod

As can be seen, the strength of the warriors in Blade&Soul Revolution Mod is shown through 3 factors. Includes expertise in attack, defense, and partying. More specifically, each character has 2 different forms. That means the superior strength of each form will not be the same. Depending on your choice to play the role of the desired character. Then move on to the next activity. Customize your character with a personalized style. Including hairstyle, face, skin color, and body. After completing the hero selection and customization process. Will begin to enter the adventure to perform the quest.Ear Blade&Soul Revolution Mod

In this version of the game Blade&Soul Revolution Mod has been updated with much new content. Open up dark dungeons with dangerous challenges. Join to fight and have a chance to collect rewards. Or explore dimensional rift content. Join the clan to become teammates with other heroes. Join them to fight against opposing clans. At the same time, together against the invasion attack from fearsome creatures. They appear through the dimensional rift to enter. Finally, trophy content has been added. Complete challenges to prove your skills. From there will receive many titles to show everyone.

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