BLEACH Brave Souls Mod APK 14.0.10 (Menu, Immortal, One Hit)
BLEACH Brave Souls Mod APK 14.0.10 (Menu, Immortal, One Hit)

BLEACH Brave Souls Mod APK 14.0.10 (Menu, Immortal, One Hit)

By TT - August 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD BLEACH Brave Souls
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher KLab
Size 79MB
Version 14.0.10
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, One Hit
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 3, 2022 (4 months ago )

BLEACH Brave Souls Mod is a hit-action role-playing game released by Klab on the Android platform. It is a mobile game version adapted from the cult manga of the same name. Join the game, you will play the main character of the series and accompany typical characters to explore the war with the dangerous spirit lord. It’s a long journey that’s described as akin to the original series. Moreover, it retains the characteristic anime design style, which delights BLEACH fans. Besides, the game brings most of the familiar characters from the series here for you to role-play and associate with. Follow the characters to explore the world and participate in unprecedented battles.

Download BLEACH Brave Souls Mod – Action gameplay adapted from the manga

Adapting manga or movies into games is not too strange, but BLEACH Brave Souls is one of the few most successful adaptations. It appeals to millions of mobile players thanks to its awe-inspiring hack-and-slash gameplay. But most especially, it makes a lot of gamers enjoy the well-designed plot and close to the original of the series. Thus, you will have the opportunity to meet familiar heroes from the manga. But you also have the power to direct the story your way through an upgraded action style and strategy. Starting from the event that Kurosaki Ichigo meets Kuchiki Rukia – a coordinator of the flow of souls. You will follow him in the long war in the strange distant world.


Enjoy the style of cutting and slashing

The game has two main modes, PvE and PvP. If you’re a big fan of the original manga, maybe the PvE mode is perfect for you. It consists of action levels that are closely linked together according to the flow of the original story. You and protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki go through wars and uncover events to gradually step deeper into the spirit world. Your enemies are dangerous lost souls. You need to fight them to protect humans and other gentle souls. In this mode, you will be alone or accompanied by characters controlled by AI. Meanwhile, in PvP mode, you will have the opportunity to co-op with up to two other players to explore super difficult missions together.

Regardless of the mode, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the hack-and-slash battles that can’t be more attractive here. You have full control over your character with a joystick and virtual buttons corresponding to skills. Your job is to combine actions to attack, defend and defeat the enemy. By winning you will unlock new challenges in the story mode and get promoted in the PvP arena. Accompanying the victory are countless other attractive rewards. And many unique limited-time events are also something that you should not miss. Fight your way and connect with like-minded people.


Unlock and upgrade characters

BLEACH Brave Souls Mod brings most of the typical characters from the manga here and allows you to unlock it for role-playing. You can meet your favorite faces from 13 Court Guard Squads, the Espada, Xcution, Stern Ritter, and more. Each character is designed to be close to the original in terms of appearance, voice acting, and skill set. You can upgrade them to unlock new skills like Ichigo’s Getsugatensho, Byakuya’s Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, and more. And you can enjoy these epic moves in your fight.

The game’s character system is also ranked by the number of stars. Initially, you will get 1 or 2-star characters but can upgrade them to 5 stars and up to 200 levels. With better power, the characters will carry you further in your journey of battle and adventure in the spirit land. You can travel through the homeland of the dead, the gloomy realm of Hueco Mundo, and the depths of hell. Each has its own unique quests for you to pursue. And you will have the opportunity to meet and discover more new details.


Featured anime design

Despite being a game adaptation, this game remains faithful to the anime graphic style characteristic of the original manga. Thanks to that, it creates a feeling of closeness and friendliness, making fans fascinated and excited. In addition, the images of the characters are carefully polished in both appearance and performance effects. Epic moves are described with vivid effects and realistic sounds. In addition, the characters are also voiced by famous Japanese actors.

So, BLEACH Brave Souls Mod is a perfect adaptation. It can dazzle you with its stunning visuals and moves in fast-paced hack-and-slash battles. Besides that, the story flow is also super engaging, leading you through many events taken from the series and allowing you to unlock and role-play dozens of typical characters. What could be better than that?

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