Blocky Cars Mod APK 8.3.7 (Menu, Immortal, Unlimited Ammo)
Blocky Cars Mod APK 8.3.7 (Menu, Immortal, Unlimited Ammo)

Blocky Cars Mod APK 8.3.7 (Menu, Immortal, Unlimited Ammo)

By HN - December 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD Blocky Cars
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Shooting games for everyone
Size 100MB
Version 8.3.7
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, Unlimited Ammo
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Update December 3, 2022 (22 hours ago )

Enjoy a tank battle game that combines action elements. Through the game, Blocky Cars Mods to experience attractive features. Explore a diverse system of tanks, which the system allows you to build to your liking. With different design styles according to your choice. Engage in battles in multiple game modes. Enjoy matches in different formats. Attack enemies in real-time gameplay to prove your skills. Win to complete the mission with excellent achievement. Besides, the game’s graphics are designed in the form of pixels on the 3D platform. Recreate an impressive gaming space. Completely different from games with similar themes. Brings every player extremely attractive moments.

Download Blocky Cars Mod – Control Tanks Attacking Enemies On The Big Battlefield

The plot of Blocky Cars Mod takes place on a large farm. This place is the home of the main character in the game, a guy. One day, was in the process of taking care of and working on the farm. A dark force appeared, they attacked and destroyed everything. Animal husbandry and rice fields were destroyed. Realize that the danger will continue if not prevented in time. He had already begun to pick up his weapon to fight. Also, collect blocks to make tank building materials. Combine them to create a powerful fighting machine. Aim against the dark legion to protect the farm. Join the game, you will play the role of the main character. Start the journey through the execution of these quests. Complete excellently to receive valuable rewards.Blocky Cars Mod

Story-based missions, increasing difficulty

Based on the plot of the game Blocky Cars Mod. Missions are played according to each level of the game. Each level has its own set of requirements that need to be fulfilled. For example, use the collected blocks to start building tanks. Use guns to fight against enemy armies. There are many other tasks that will be unlocked by the system. After fulfilling the given condition, the quest will end. The achievement of each level is shown by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Achieve excellent achievements with a maximum number of stars. From there will receive the game’s unique bonus. As well as other items to craft. Continue the quest to the new level. The difficulty will gradually increase, presenting more difficult challenges. The request must be completed according to the progress of the game. At the same time, the reward received will be more than before.Game Blocky Cars Mod

Online multiplayer mode

In addition to the story mode of the game Blocky Cars Mod. The publisher also provides a multiplayer mode. Here, you will join the battle with other online players. They come from all over the world, through the server system to connect with each other. The battle takes place in real-time. With extremely dramatic and fierce competition. Every player uses their own built tanks. Put into battle to compete and find the winner. In online mode, up to 8 players can be joined. Fight in many different modes. For example, group battles, flags, etc. In particular, this model supports group chat. Make it possible for all players to chat together. Come up with your own strategies to attack more effectively.Tai Blocky Cars Mod

Crafting combat vehicles, equipping guns

Come to Blocky Cars Mod to unleash your creativity. With more than 90 blocks provided by the system. They are different parts, used to make fighting machines. For example wheels, brakes, engines, guns,… much more. All parts are modeled in great detail. Plays a separate role, related to the structure and capabilities of the machine. Depends on your choice, as well as the desired featured design style. Can create many types such as craft vehicles, tanks, shooting tanks, battle tanks,… Each type of combat vehicle has its own operating parameters. Through equipping different guns. Typically, sniper rifles, mini guns, … The amount of damage generated when hitting the target will depend on the type of gun equipped.Download Blocky Cars Mod

To win the tank wars of Blocky Cars Mod. Skill is one of the important factors that determine the outcome of the game. Here, you need flexible control to move on the battlefield. At the same time use the tank’s attack system effectively. Combines observing the surrounding environment to detect the exact location when enemies appear. Quickly attack to destroy the target. Repeat this until the battle is over. From there will win to receive valuable rewards.

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