Bridge Constructor Portal APK 6.0
Bridge Constructor Portal APK 6.0

Bridge Constructor Portal APK 6.0

By HN - August 2, 2022
Name LMHMOD Bridge Constructor Portal
Category Puzzle
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Headup
Size 85MB
Version 6.0
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Update August 2, 2022 (4 months ago )

The puzzle game always requires the intelligence of every player to participate. Based on that as an inspiration for the developer to build an interesting game. Come to Bridge Constructor Portal Mod to step into fascinating puzzle missions. The content revolves around the construction of a bridge for vehicles to move across. However, the gameplay does not play out in the usual way. Instead, there is a fascinating topic for you to explore. Here, transform into an employee in a science laboratory. The goal is to get the Bendies to move through safely. In the process will be used many features. Especially have the opportunity to explore the impressive scientific environment. With 2D graphics that recreate the unique landscape. At the same time find a way out of dangerous challenges.

Download Bridge Constructor Portal Mod – Build A Solid Bridge For Bendies To Move Over

More than 60 different challenges are opened by Bridge Constructor Portal Mod. Promising to bring fascinating bridge-building experiences. Each challenge takes place on a game screen on complex terrain. Your task is to connect each metal bar. Through the pre-set junctions in each challenge. Once completed, move on to the next stage. Success helps Bendies drive across the bridge safely. From there will complete the assigned task. As can be seen, the challenges will take place according to each level of play. Therefore, the difficulty will gradually increase each time you step into a new challenge. Not only the terrain will be changed more complicated than before. Which may have to build more bridges. That means the travel distance of Bendies is longer. It is easy to lose a life if the bridge is not built firmly.Bridge Constructor Portal Mod

Physical element, skill combination

Each bridge construction task in the game Bridge Constructor Portal Mod requires a very high calculation. You need to incorporate realistic physics. Visually observe the junctions to come up with the correct solution. From there, perform each operation to connect the junction points in turn. So that the bridge can be built as solidly as possible. To do that will require many factors. In which, skills and experience are the two most important factors. Experiencing many failures will draw experience. At the same time constantly improve observation skills and realistic physics. You will complete solid bridges. Help Bendies overcome deadly dangers to cross. Successfully proceed to the other side of the bridge, and from there will complete the mission. There is a chance to receive bonuses corresponding to achievements.Download Bridge Constructor Portal Mod

Many dangers, utilities

In the process of joining the game Bridge Constructor Portal Mod. You will have to avoid various deadly hazards. Examples include watchtowers, release furnaces, and laser and acid fields. There are many other dangers that will appear after completing the challenges. Each level will have to build bridges for Bendies to overcome hazards. In addition to skills and experience need to be promoted. In some tasks will have to resort to help. The system provides many different utilities for you to use. Including portals, push gels, aerial religious discs, cubes, etc. Each type of utility will have its own effects when used. To complete the construction task in the best way. You need to choose which one to use according to the situation at hand. Also note, that the number of add-ons will be limited.Game Bridge Constructor Portal Mod

Graphics and sound

Graphics of the game Bridge Constructor Portal Mod are designed sharp. Recreate landscapes in a variety of environments. That difference is reflected in the terrain of each challenge. The bright environment is in the background of the laboratory room. With a combination of classic style graphics. Shaping the characters in the form of a black dummy. There are no facial expressions, nor unique actions. Create a beautiful world for you to explore. In addition, there is a live sound system. Throughout the process are the dialogues of intelligent robots. Play the role of a robot to assist you in your quests. The sound will be converted to suit different activities.Tai Bridge Constructor Portal Mod

The reward received after completing the challenge is money. Based on that, pass each level in turn with excellent achievements. You will accumulate a large amount of money to carry out trading operations. Bridge Constructor Portal Mod game has a lot of features to unlock. From there, it can be used to purchase items in the game’s store. Or unlock new features to dig deeper into the content. For example, unlock utilities to help you in difficult bridge-building missions.

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