Bubble Shooter Mod APK 5.9 (Free Shopping)
Bubble Shooter Mod APK 5.9 (Free Shopping)

Bubble Shooter Mod APK 5.9 (Free Shopping)

By HN - November 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Bubble Shooter
Category Puzzle
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Bubble Shooter
Size 32MB
Version 5.9
MOD Features Free Shopping
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update November 30, 2022 (6 days ago )

Built-in puzzle-style gameplay. Bubble Shooter Mod game opens interesting puzzles. The content revolves around shooting bubbles. Classic style, simple gameplay, and easy to get used to. With missions that take place at each level. A series of puzzle challenges are waiting for you to conquer. Requires brain movement to shoot the ball accurately. Create explosions to be able to complete challenges with high achievements. In particular, through the puzzle levels, you will be training your brain. Can observe more flexibly and holistically. From there, you will improve your playing skills to overcome difficult puzzles. Moreover, aiming for the best experience for every player. The game is completely free and can be played in both online and offline modes. Promises to bring an exciting adventure.

Download Bubble Shooter Mod – Conquer Puzzles by Exploding Bubbles

Based on the mission system of the game Bubble Shooter Mod. There are over 3000 different levels of play to join. Exciting challenges, revolve around shooting bubbles in different colors. Each level opens a fun entertainment screen. Your mission is to shoot all the balls to clear them up. From there will complete the quest in a challenge. To enhance the experience, and help people feel more stimulated. The difficulty will gradually increase each time you step to a new level. With the puzzle harder than before, as well as the ball arrangement environment is changed. Make you meet many difficult challenges to be able to complete the puzzle mission. In addition, achievements in each level are evaluated by the number of stars. A puzzle that takes place can achieve excellent achievements with 3 stars.Bubble Shooter Mod

Gameplay, missions

In the process of performing puzzle activities by shooting bubbles at Bubble Shooter Mod. A variety of balls of different colors are intricately arranged. They will be displayed at the top of the mobile’s screen. Opposite that are the balls provided by the system. Your task is to shoot bubbles accurately to match the balls of the corresponding color. At the same time, the required conditions must be met. It is a minimum match of 3 or more balls. For example, using a red ball, need to shoot at the location where there are at least 2 red balls above. From there will create an explosion to be able to continue a new shot. In case it is not possible to shoot the ball to create an explosion. Because the color of the shadow is not the same. That will cause the ball to be shot and stick to the right stopping position.Game Bubble Shooter Mod

Improve skills to overcome challenges

Play through the levels in the game Bubble Shooter Mod. You will experience shooting bubbles in many different ways. Complete challenges to enter new levels. Conquer each bubble shooting mission in turn to clear them all. By matching at least 3 identical balls in one turn. Win with excellent performance. From there will get great money and rewards. Along with that is the skill that needs to be constantly improved. Over time experienced shooting puzzle levels. Need to cultivate to improve observation, and improve the brain. Can shoot the ball accurately, as well as choose the right shooting point. Quickly clear all the balls to complete the challenge in progressively more difficult levels.Tai Bubble Shooter Mod

Use support items

To get a high score, complete a puzzle challenge in the Bubble Shooter Mod game. You need to create special combos. Through manually created support items. From shooting bubbles in large numbers. For example, get fireballs by exploding 7 balls. Or unlock bombs by shooting 10 balls. Each type of support item has its own ability. Using it effectively will help you achieve high results. Fireball with the ability to shoot in a specified line. Can explode all balls in range when flying over. Likewise, bombs can create a large explosion within a limited radius. All balls in the explosion range will quickly fade in color. However, they are only available in limited quantities, so be careful when using them.Download Bubble Shooter Mod

To bring the best experience to everyone when participating in Bubble Shooter Mod. The game can be played in offline mode on each level. After completing each task, you will receive a reward. Or challenge your bubble shooting skills in online mode. Compete against other online players to prove yourself. Win with excellent performance. You will have the opportunity to rise to the leaderboard. Also supported some interesting features. The system allows connecting to the social network Facebook to share joy with friends. Or support the color blindness feature, making it possible for all players to participate.

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