Bucket Crusher Mod APK {{version}} (Get rewarded with no ads)
Bucket Crusher Mod APK {{version}} (Get rewarded with no ads)

Bucket Crusher Mod APK {{version}} (Get rewarded with no ads)

By HN - August 15, 2022
Name LMHMOD Bucket Crusher
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 7.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 138MB
Version 1.2.2
MOD Features Get rewarded with no ads
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 15, 2022 (4 months ago )

Won the love of many players around the world. It is also one of the games released by VOODOO. A developer is known for a simple game genre but brings the fun. Through the game, Bucket Crusher Mod performed the task. The content revolves around the operation of controlling the crane to break the walls. From there earn money to continue to develop and upgrade the bridge. Aim to conquer large and high walls. This is a simulation game that is played in offline mode. After downloading can play completely free. Features in the game are used to unlock special coins. Along with that will enjoy bright graphics. Sharp image quality, unique crane shape.

Download Bucket Crusher Mod – Control Crane Breaking Constructions

The gameplay of Bucket Crusher Mod is quite simple. Promises to bring an extremely interesting entertainment experience. The game has built a mission system according to each level. Each level is a crane control challenge. The goal is to destroy the bricks on the big wall according to the progress. From there, you can complete the task to continue the new job. Continue to step into a new level, progress will be more difficult than before. Not only the wall steps will be changed in design. But the requirements to be achieved will increase. Create tough challenges. But that is what makes every player feel excited. Because they will be tested their skills according to each difficulty. With more difficult and complex challenges there will be an opportunity to prove yourself.Bucket Crusher Mod

The gameplay takes place, and the task to be done

Different from the games that built the task system according to each level. Instead of overcoming each challenge in turn continue the new task. Here, each level of Bucket Crusher Mod will have to be played many times. Because you will have to accumulate bonuses to upgrade the crane. After each failure, the end of a game screen will receive a bonus. Over time, increase the operating capacity so that the crane is better than before. From there can destroy the entire brick wall collection. Complete the challenge according to the trackable progress bar, which is displayed at the top of the screen. Continue the brilliant mission in the next levels. The number of replays will increase more than before. However, each failure is not the end. Instead, you will learn from the experience so that you can overcome the next challenge.Game Bucket Crusher Mod

Upgrade parts

Crane upgrading is one of those activities that need to be continuously performed. After each doing a brilliant job in Bucket Crusher Mod. Based on the number of bricks broken will collect the corresponding amount of money. That is the bonus for you to use the crane upgrade. With 4 different parts, including crankshaft, fuel, power, and size. Each part plays an important role in the dismantling process. Upgrade the crankshaft to increase the length, which can be broken at further positions. Fuel will be depleted gradually over time of operation. Upgrade to increase time, get better effect. Strength after being improved will increase the speed of breaking faster. Finally, the size, which helps the crane to break more bricks on the big wall. But it should be noted, that the amount to upgrade the next time will be larger than before

Control system, skill

The control mechanism of Bucket Crusher Mod is designed quite simply. Use the virtual joystick-type joystick. With a 360-degree tap, hold, and swipe operation. Help you control the crane to perform demolition at will. In particular, the joystick is not fixed in one position. Can be touched anywhere on the screen to use. But to overcome the challenge, in addition to upgrading the crane parts. Need to combine with skills to achieve a better effect. For example, when the fuel is about to run out, instead of continuing to control the crane to destroy it. You need to shrink to push the bricks into the vault. From there will collect to accumulate a large amount of money.Download Bucket Crusher Mod

In addition to using money to upgrade parts. Help the crane in Bucket Crusher Mod work better. There is also the opportunity to discover many other types of brilliant parts. Those are saw blades designed in many different styles. For example, hacksaw blades at the beginning, but later there will be the opportunity to unlock many other types. Besides, each level will have its own design. On the first level is a brick wall, the 2nd level opens up a giant crystal ball. Continue to level 3 on shaping a dog. Gradually to the next level, there will be a more unique change.

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