Bus Rush Mod APK 1.20.08 (Unlocked)
Bus Rush Mod APK 1.20.08 (Unlocked)

Bus Rush Mod APK 1.20.08 (Unlocked)

By TT - December 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD Bus Rush
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Play365
Size 74MB
Version 1.20.08
MOD Features Unlocked
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update December 3, 2022 (1 day ago )

Bus Rush Mod is an endless runner game with a fun theme. It once again made fans of this series crazy with modern running tracks in the city of buses, subways, and many other locations. The game has dozens of characters for you to choose from and enjoy their great looks. Moreover, on the run, you can earn dozens of loot from gold coins to interesting support items. Use what you pick up to turn the pressure run into a simple and fun adventure. You will fly over buses, trains, bridges, streets, and more. Show your talent to conquer all obstacles and you will have the opportunity to unlock dozens of unique things in the shop.

Download Bus Rush Mod – Endless running journey of funny characters

This series of games is no stranger to us, but Bus Rush still brings new points that make gamers fall in love. Instead of running from the police or protecting the train when you play Subway Surfer, you are now chased by a giant monkey that escaped from the zoo. You’ve teased it too much and now have to find a way to escape from the craziest pursuit. Get ready with your flexible fingers to swipe and control fun characters running through amazing streets. If you collide with any obstacle, the monkey will catch you. Moreover, you need to be agile to collect all the loot and turn them to your advantage.


Discover unique running tracks

Like in many other games of the same genre, this game has no level system. Instead, it is a journey that runs endlessly and only stops when you make a mistake. You need to run as far as possible when crossing the streets full of obstacles, especially buses. Buses running in the opposite direction, plus other obstacles like signs, roadblocks, luggage, and all sorts of other miscellaneous things. They will make it difficult for you to overcome. An endless journey is always waiting for you to discover and record achievements. On each replay, you’ll see things differently. The speed will get faster and faster, challenging your concentration and agility. Get ready to swipe flexibly and win your own achievements.

Manipulating gameplay is still no different. You will swipe on the screen in directions such as left, right, up, and down to control the character on the run. You’ll swipe up to jump over low-height obstacles. If you encounter a bus, it is best to avoid its lane. Meanwhile, signs with a space in the middle will let you slide through. And dozens of other types of obstacles that will test your agility. The farther you run, the faster the speed. Obstacles appear with greater density with each step you take. How far will you go without collision?


Unlock characters, skins, and maps

Bus Rush Mod owns a fairly diverse character system with up to 10 different faces. You can play with Roy, Zoey, Darryl, Katie, and more. Each character will impress you with a personality and fun appearance. Although there are no special skills, the new characters will get you excited to run long distances. Besides, you can unlock more than 14 unique skins to customize your character. Make them stand out like never before on every endless journey. All skins and characters require you to reach a certain level to unlock. But with the Mod version here, it’s all free for you.

Over time, you can also accumulate enough points to unlock new maps. It can be city bus, subway, forest, beach, and more. Each map will give you unique challenges. You’ll see hordes of buses in the city, long trains at the station, and also trucks and other vehicles. Along the way, you will also find many items that appear randomly. It could be magnets, jetpacks, high jump shoes, and more. You should collect them if possible to enjoy great benefits.


Colorful cartoon 3D design

The game is designed on a unique 3D platform, highlighting the beauty of the city with many different types of vehicles. It will get you excited with realistic and detailed landscapes. Along with that, the character image is quite diverse with unique skins. Each character will come with a separate voiceover, creating a new and authentic feeling every time you play the role. Moreover, vibrant music will accompany your every step.

Bus Rush Mod will give you speed and fun on endless running tracks. You can run as far as you like as long as you can afford it. There are dozens of characters to play with and many maps to explore. Swipe flexibly to overcome all obstacles run at fast speed and collect well-deserved loot. The further you go, the higher the achievement, and the greater the fun.

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