Cartoon Wars 3 APK 2.0.9
Cartoon Wars 3 APK 2.0.9

Cartoon Wars 3 APK 2.0.9

By HN - August 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD Cartoon Wars 3
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Com2uS Holdings Corporation
Size 105MB
Version 2.0.9
Get It On APK Google Play
Update August 3, 2022 (4 months ago )

Cartoon Wars 3 Mod is back on the mobile platform. This is a game built on strategy gameplay. Unleash the defense matches into drama. The content revolves around the fierce competition between stickman warriors. In the role of a leader, it is possible to recruit a large number of stickman soldiers. Your goal is to destroy the enemy stronghold. From there win to receive attractive rewards. This game belongs to the 3rd part of the Cartoon Wars game series. With a bunch of new features added. As well as improving many factors to help everyone have the best experience. It is possible to upgrade and strengthen the power to improve the abilities of the warriors. Lots of different game modes to recreate exciting battles. Incorporate the vividness of the all-new designed 2D graphics.

Download Cartoon Wars 3 Mod – Stickman Warriors City Defense War

First, when I first joined the Cartoon Wars 3 Mod game. You will be coming to the city defense battles according to the story mode. Based on that perform tasks according to each level of play. Each level opens up an extremely intense battle. Your mission is to constantly summon stickman warriors. Let them appear on the battlefield to fend off the onslaught of enemy forces. As soon as they destroy them, they will continue to attack the opponent’s stronghold. Repeat this until you can destroy the enemy side. From there will win to be able to continue to enter the new match. At the same time, based on that will receive valuable rewards. There is a chance to unlock stronger stickman warriors. From there will summon them to increase the ability of your army.Download Cartoon Wars 3 Mod

Gameplay, auto features, launchers

In level battle or any other mode. There are many activities that will be taking place on the battlefields of Cartoon Wars 3 Mod. In addition to the fierce attacks between the two factions. The common goal is to enter the enemy stronghold to destroy. From there ended the match, winning with the best performance. You can also use other features to enhance the experience. If you don’t want to fight manually, you can use the auto feature. The AI ​​system will intervene and control the match. Just keep an eye on what’s going on on the battlefield. At the same time can use the attack ability of the defensive tower. Shoots sharp spears from long distances. Or over time, upgrade to fire more firepower. Makes enemies easily destroyed when hit.Cartoon Wars 3 Mod

Team Battle, Raid, and Siege Modes

There are a few other game modes provided by Cartoon Wars 3 Mod. Includes team battle, raid, and siege modes. Similar to previous versions. A new mode will be added, and the gameplay of the old mode will remain the same. In the team match, you can join other players. Join them to form a team to attack and destroy the enemy stronghold. Or through raid mode to prove your stickman army strength. By defeating the enemy attack to win. The last is siege mode, with its own rules. Mission to summon stickman warriors to create a strong army. Surround the enemy and destroy them to complete the battle. Depending on the mode of participation, there will be different gameplay. Examples are real-time or unlimited.Game Cartoon Wars 3 Mod

Can summon many warriors

Lots of different stickman warriors for you to summon in Cartoon Wars 3 Mod. Each warrior possesses a unique attack style. Their strength is also shown through the ability to defend, against damage created. That difference will be reflected in the equipment and body size. Some of the warriors are typically spearmen, soldiers armed with swords and shields. Even military vehicles such as rocket planes and helicopters are fitted with rotating guns. Or superheroes and giant robots. There are many other warriors that you will unlock later. Their abilities are rated with a number of stars. Warriors possessing superior strength will have a greater number of stars. Besides, use items to enhance and upgrade. Can increase combat ability.Cartoon Wars 3 Mod

The arrow launcher of the tower defense in Cartoon Wars 3 Mod is very unique. With the advantage of being able to shoot spears from a distance. It Deals massive amounts of damage, causing enemies to quickly lose their lives. But you need to be aware of the tower’s ability to shoot arrows. Because the enemy will not stop moving to attack your stronghold. That would be very difficult to hit. Requires smart strategy to exploit effectively. Summon stickman warriors to stop. This will make the enemy unable to move. Combine using an arrow launcher to be able to shoot more accurately. It will be easy to destroy the enemy to increase the win rate.

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