Castle Creeps TD Mod APK 1.50.1 (Unlimited Money)
Castle Creeps TD Mod APK 1.50.1 (Unlimited Money)

Castle Creeps TD Mod APK 1.50.1 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - July 6, 2022
Name LMHMOD Castle Creeps TD
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Outplay Entertainment Ltd
Size 97MB
Version 1.50.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 6, 2022 (5 months ago )

Castle Creeps TD Mod is an engaging tower defense game that brings you into strategic battles with the dark lords. It promises to make you fascinated with hundreds of levels in chapters with increasing difficulty. Get ready with your army and towers to conquer waves of enemies of goblins, skeletons, and barbarian lords. You must wipe them out of your land to protect the epic kingdom and win the loot it deserves. There are dozens of types of towers and heroes to choose from, but which is the perfect combination? You will be the one to decide everything as a true commander of the epic legion. The battles filled with vivid colors and sounds will make you not want to miss them. Let’s explore them now.

Download Castle Creeps TD Mod – New strategic tower defense war

From the publisher of Alien Creeps, Castle Creeps TD is the next installment in the tower defense strategy game series. This game is set in a new context but familiar to all gamers, it is the battle between the ancient kingdom and the forces of darkness. Darkness is increasingly encroaching and covering the ancient lands, spreading fear everywhere to rule the human world. Now, as the king of the kingdom, you must control the legions to participate in the defensive battle against the enemy. It is a long journey with many stages with unique challenges to test your strategic talents. Show a flexible transformation as you face a variety of situations and face a variety of enemy shapes. Pass a level, new challenges are always waiting ahead.


Explore unique levels

In terms of content, the game consists of many chapters and each chapter includes dozens of levels. At each level, your mission is to fight waves of enemies to protect the stronghold from doom from the lord’s army. To do this, you must build a sound strategic defense. You will have to combine different types of soldiers, heroes, and towers in an effective way in key locations. Before the battle, the map of the battlefield will show you the direction of the enemy’s movements. Based on that, you can deploy your forces in positions and be ready to go head to head when the actual battle unfolds.

The wars will become more and more fierce as the enemies become more numerous and stronger. This requires your progress in both strength and strategy. You need stronger towers and heroes. At the same time, you must know how to change your position on the battlefield to react to the change of the enemy at each level. Just click on the screen to do this, but the strategic element is all the more important. You must monitor the battlefield situation to have a reasonable battle plan in real-time. Besides, you can also influence the selection of targets to deploy special skills from towers and heroes.


Upgrade turrets and heroes

There are two important units in Castle Creeps TD Mod, namely tower, and hero. Each type of unit consists of different classes with its own characteristics and powers. With towers, you can find 4 basic tower classes, including turrets, bow and arrow towers, infantry towers, and magic towers. Meanwhile, the hero will have many classes including warriors, archers, mages, and more. In each class, you can find dozens of different options. So there are hundreds of combinations that can be created by combining heroes and towers. Show your acumen to choose the most effective combinations in each battle.

Over time, you have to upgrade units, including heroes and towers. This way you can improve their stats from strength to defense and effective range. It’s essential for you to conquer increasingly difficult battles as the story chapters progress. The further you go, the more unique content you can discover. Enemies are increasingly diverse and you have more opportunities to unlock new heroes and towers. The fights are always in balance, challenging your concentration at all times.


Thorough and vivid graphics

The highlight of this game lies in the design style. It accurately describes the battlefield context and the image of each unit on the map. You can see heroes with unique looks and impressive skill effects. The enemy system is equally diverse, which are skeletons, demons, goblins, and even terrible Bosses. The battlefield context changes flexibly through the game screen. The arrangement and layout of the enemies are also different, providing variety in your strategic play and feel.


Castle Creeps TD Mod is a tower defense game worth playing on phones. It will engage you for hours with epic battles with the forces of darkness. This is the place for you to show your strategic talent to conquer every war. There are dozens of towers and heroes to combine, find the best combo strategy in each of your battles.

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