Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod APK 6.3.0 (Menu, Mana)
Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod APK 6.3.0 (Menu, Mana)

Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod APK 6.3.0 (Menu, Mana)

By HN - November 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Castle Crush: Epic Clash
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 8.0
Publisher Fun Games For Free
Size 136MB
Version 6.3.0
MOD Features Menu, Mana
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update November 30, 2022 (5 days ago )

Take part in the battles taking place in the magic arena. Through the strategy game Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod. The game is built in the style of cards. Open up dramatic competitions on the battlefield. The content revolves around the battle between the forces of warriors and demons. As the leader, you need to recruit to strengthen the force. Then lead the army to participate in climactic battles. Defeat your opponents in a siege battle. A win for a chance to get attractive rewards. Here, a series of unique features are waiting to be discovered. Over 40 magic cards to recruit. Quests take place at each level. Or compete with other players in online mode. Get treasure chests from receiving rewards.

Download Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod – Lead the Army to Attack the Citadel

Through the level-based quest system of Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod. Recruit warriors, and monsters to form a team. Then lead your army into battle. Each level opens up a real-time skirmish. On a large battlefield divided into red and blue factions. Your goal is to destroy the opponent’s stronghold to end the battle. In the process, forces between the two factions will have a face-to-face skirmish. Repeat this until the stronghold of either faction is destroyed. The remaining faction will win to receive the reward. So that your army can defeat the enemy. It is necessary to summon forces to defend the citadel and prevent attacks from the enemy. Also, destroy their stronghold as soon as possible.Castle Crush- Epic Clash Mod

Missions by level

During the battle of Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod. Based on the card game used by the publisher. You will recruit forces using random cards. After a short time will receive a card. Through it to use, put on the battlefield to defend and attack. In a battle, it is possible to recruit a limited number of troops. At the same time, the battlefield is divided into 3 different attack lines. You need to observe the appearance of enemy troops. From there, open up the right strategy to send troops to prevent them from attacking. Over time, improve the strategy to suit individual playstyle. Give the right solution to lead the army to attack. Quickly destroy the stronghold to win. Get a chance to get chests to unlock valuable rewards.Download Castle Crush- Epic Clash Mod

The incremental difficulty, online mode

In addition to the battles that take place in each level of Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod. With increasing difficulty every time you enter a new battle. The attack and defense of the enemy will increase. You can also participate in PvP online mode. Compete against online players in real-time matches. This mode requires a very high strategic element. Because the strength of the enemy force was far superior. At the same time, each player will have their own smart strategies. Not stopping there, the online mode also features a global leaderboard. Every player will through the match to win. From there will have the opportunity to rise on the leaderboard. Known by many people for the series of achievements that have been achieved.Game Castle Crush- Epic Clash Mod

More than 40 cards

As introduced at the beginning of Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod. The game has a collection of more than 40 different cards. Those are warriors, monsters for you to recruit. From there, lead they participate in the battle to attack the citadel. Military forces are divided into many different elements. Bring your own unique fighting style. Includes archers with ranged attack abilities. Warrior with the advantage of melee attacks, easily breaking the enemy’s defense. Or mage with magic power, possessing the ability to support teammates very well. Can heal and increase attack in battle. Each combat unit carries an impressive attack style. At the same time can be upgraded to increase the ability. Through the use of bonuses to develop strength.Tai Castle Crush- Epic Clash Mod

Blue quartz stone and gold coin are the two main currencies. They are used to perform trading operations in Castle Crush: Epic Clash Mod. Each currency is used for many different activities. Which, gold coins are of the common type. Used to upgrade and unlock combat forces. Or shop for items to strengthen the army. During the match, after winning. From there will receive gold coins to accumulate large amounts. Besides, green quartz stone belongs to the rarer type. They can be obtained from unlocking chests and earning noble titles.

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