Cat Escape Mod APK 19.2 (Unlocked All, No Ads)
Cat Escape Mod APK 19.2 (Unlocked All, No Ads)

Cat Escape Mod APK 19.2 (Unlocked All, No Ads)

By HN - July 6, 2022
Name LMHMOD Cat Escape
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Size 55MB
Version 19.2
MOD Features All Unlocked, No Ads
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 6, 2022 (5 months ago )

Enjoy moments of fun entertainment in the game Cat Escape Mod. This is an action game, combined with arcade entertainment elements. Unlock exciting levels of puzzle gameplay. The content revolves around the activity of finding a way out of the room. Join the game, you will transform into a cat. Enter the challenging journey to accomplish the mission. Aim to escape the pursuit of predators. The game is built quite simply. There are no complicated features like other entertaining games. To be able to win and complete the levels play. Requires your IQ to be above average. Because there will be difficult puzzles appearing on each different level. If you can’t pass, you will lose. At the same time have to play again, more time-consuming.

Download Cat Escape Mod – With the Cat Overcoming Puzzles to Leave the Room

Promises to bring fun entertainment when participating in Cat Escape Mod. The publisher has built a system of tasks according to each level. Open the cat’s escape journey in the rooms. Each level takes place in an escape game. In the role of a cat, you will have to move intelligently. Go through the doors that are guarded by the predators. Proceed to the last door to complete the mission. You can then finish a level to continue with a new mission. The reward received after each level is completed is skin accumulation points. Each level will receive a certain number of points, expressed as a percentage. After accumulating 100% of the points, you will be unlocked a new cat by the system. Bring more outstanding style than before.Cat Escape Mod

Difficulty increases with each level

Based on the level-by-level gameplay of the game Cat Escape Mod. The difficulty will change, increasing each time you enter a new level. The terrain in the room will be changed accordingly. Divided into many paths with dangerous doors. More predators appear behind each door. Make you face a lot of difficulties to be able to overcome. For example in early levels, just go through a door with a guard. But when participating in later levels. The number of doors in a room will be more than before. In particular, the appearance of the guardians was the most difficult obstacle. Because if you let them find out, you will be caught in a cage. Then the mission will fail, which means you have to play that level again. This will take quite a while for you to complete the task.Game Cat Escape Mod

Intelligence, take advantage

During the quest to find the final door of Cat Escape Mod. Hunters do not stand still. They will move back and forth within the operating range. If you are unlucky enough to be caught, you will immediately be caught in a cage. To be able to complete the challenges at every level. Requires intelligence in observation. With a top-down view, it’s easy to see everything in the room. Combine sensitivity in the process of moving through each door. Take advantage of the surrounding objects to hide. Avoid the sight of predators to escape death. Along with that, if there is a chance to eat food. Don’t miss it, because it will help you get an extra life if caught. From there will increase the win rate higher in difficult levels.Tai Cat Escape Mod

Unlock skins and effects

Complete each level in Cat Escape Mod in turn. Gradually can accumulate percentage points to have a chance to get new skins. Help your cat change the style of its appearance. More prominent with the difference in color, and unique style. For example, pirate cats, pink-horned cats,… There are many other beautiful skins waiting for you to discover. Moreover, each cat species can equip additional effects. Through unlocking to increase the uniqueness every time the cat moves. For example, unlocking the black butterflies, when the cat moves, it will create a butterfly effect around. There are many other unique effects that will be unlocked when you meet the requirements.Download Cat Escape Mod

Throughout the cat’s play levels in Cat Escape Mod. The light, fun background music is shown very vividly. Gives you a feeling of not being bored after a long time of experience. Besides, the graphics are also simulated very impressively. Incorporating a bright color system, depicting a unique environment in each room. Create the shape of a cat in a mischievous style. With flexible movement in the room. Along with the shape of the hunters in the cartoon style. With the view from the top, their faces cannot be seen clearly.

Download Cat Escape Hack (All Unlocked, No Ads) LMHMODY.COM

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