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Chimeraland APK {{version}}

Chimeraland APK {{version}}

By HN - August 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD Chimeraland: Jurassic Era
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Level Infinite
Size 76MB
Version 1.0.8
Get It On APK Google Play
Update August 3, 2022 (4 months ago )

Chimeraland Mod is a role-playing game that combines action elements. Open up a huge world in space fiction. The game is built in open-style gameplay. The content recreates life in the Jurassic period. With a series of different challenges waiting for you to explore. Role-play as a character in the game to start the adventure. There will be a chance to discover a lot of unique features. With the appearance of ancient dinosaurs. At the same time, explore many different locations in the simulation world. In particular, will be participating in events. Through it will receive a large number of attractive rewards. Besides, vivid 3D graphics, and sharp image quality. Will definitely increase the experience so you can observe better.

Download Chimeraland Mod – Survival in the Harsh Jurassic World

The setting of Chimeraland Mod opens in a fictional Jurassic world. There are a total of 4 continents and 9 billion square feet for you to enjoy. Each continent opens up a vast map. The difference is reflected in the environment and landscape. Along with that are dangerous challenges, and the appearance of enemies. Through each of those continents, you can collect a lot of valuable items. As well as tracing mysterious treasures buried in many locations. Even use resources mined during the adventure. It is possible to build houses to create a shelter. However, to overcome all challenges in the harsh conditions of the Jurassic environment. Will have to constantly improve my combat skills. Enhance survival experience to prove yourself.Chimeraland Mod

Survival gameplay, animal training

The gameplay of Chimeraland Mod is built in an open style. As you join the adventure in Jurassic world. Role-play as a character in the game to start the quest. Can move freely to perform different actions. Here, you will have to find ways to survive in harsh environmental conditions. Fight against enemies to collect treasures. Hunt down ancient animals that date back hundreds, thousands of years. It is even possible to train them to become pets. From there will support you to fight in the skirmishes. Moreover, use the collected items to craft. Strengthen the character, and develop offensive and defensive abilities. Fight the fearsome enemies of the Jurassic to survive.Ear Chimeraland Mod


Currently, when participating in the Jurassic survival adventure of the game Chimeraland Mod. You will experience events organized by the publisher. Through that will be entered the dinosaur battle. Compete with other online players for valuable rewards. Or come to the event at the dinosaur museum. You will be exploring the main cities. Answer 5 questions per day for a chance to get event points. More specifically, coming to the dragon egg event will have the opportunity to summon many rare animals. With dinosaurs from 100 to 8000 years old. After successfully training the animal, you will have a great assistant. Experiencing activities in events. Will accumulate event points to use to redeem rewards.Game Chimeraland Mod

Online Multiplayer Battle

Based on Chimeraland Mod’s online mode. The gameplay takes place in a competitive PvP multiplayer style. The battle was extremely fierce and fierce. The goal of every opponent is to be the last man standing. From there win to prove your strength. To become the champion in dramatic skirmishes. You need to equip items to develop the character’s strength. Combine versatile combat skills for effective attacks. Come up with clever strategies to attack in your own style. Also, use support items to restore vitality and energy. After defeating every opponent to win. From there will get a large number of resources.Download Chimeraland Mod

The graphics of Chimeraland Mod are designed on a 3D platform. With vivid, sharp image quality. The system is simulated in cartoon style. The figure of the character is impressively portrayed. When participating, you can customize to create your own style character. From face, hairstyle, to gender. Not stopping there, the game’s effects are also highly appreciated. Shown through attack skills when used. Or transition effects every time you move to another location. The surrounding environment will be changed accordingly. Besides, the sound system is interesting. According to each activity taking place, the sound will be converted accordingly.

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