City Racing 3D Mod APK 5.9.5081 (Unlimited Money)
City Racing 3D Mod APK 5.9.5081 (Unlimited Money)

City Racing 3D Mod APK 5.9.5081 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - August 10, 2022
Name LMHMOD City Racing 3D
Category Racing
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher 3DGames
Size 58MB
Version 5.9.5081
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 10, 2022 (4 months ago )

If you are looking for a racing game on mobile, City Racing 3D Mod is a worthy choice. It is presented as the best 3D racing game to date and has attracted millions of gamers around the globe to participate. It owns many of the hottest racing modes, including single-player and multiplayer campaign modes. So, you will have the opportunity to show off your driving skills and satisfy your speed in a race with many opponents. Besides, the game offers a unique map and racing system. You can choose, customize, and upgrade your vehicle to your liking and take it everywhere from the beautiful city of Tokyo to Chicago, London, and more. Don’t hesitate to release your throttle to the max to become the fastest racer and top the leaderboard.

Download City Racing 3D Mod – Street racing gameplay with 3D graphics

City Racing 3D takes racing gameplay to the next level with its realistic 3D design and surreal physics driving mechanics. It promises to bring you the most intense race tracks, where you can race with many players on the beautiful highway streets. Regardless of the traffic or the rules, the signs, and the police, this track is yours and the top drivers. The simple driving mechanics will help you quickly get used to it. But do not be subjective because there is no limit to your achievement level. Race faster and achieve higher and bigger bonuses. This game will make you work harder than any other race ever.


Explore dozens of unique modes

So far, the game has the most typical 4 modes. In career mode, it includes a racing level system from easy to difficult with hundreds of interesting missions. You’ll drive to complete challenges, progress over time, and hunt for loot to upgrade your account. Meanwhile, in 1v1 mode, you’ll be playing against a random opponent or your friends. You have to race faster than your opponent to win number 1 on each track. Besides, in Time Trials mode, your goal is time and speed. You need to race as fast as you can to conquer the checkpoints in a limited time.

On the track, you can control your car by tilting the screen left or right. At the same time, you can control the car’s speed with the accelerator and nitro tank. When the nitro tank is full, you should use it to speed up and outrun your opponents. But do not use nitro on dangerous turns because it will be difficult for you to control the speed and steering. Meanwhile, the time at the end of the track is the most suitable for speeding up, increasing the odds of winning over the opponent. At the same time, on the track, there are dozens of different items to support. You can pick up speed boosters or gold coins. It’s the spoils of your journey.


Upgrade racing car, expand map limit

City Racing 3D Mod game gives you a wide choice of racing cars. Classic and modern racing cars from famous manufacturers are here for you to drive on the track. Besides, you can customize the car with many options from paint colors to stickers and replacement accessories. Do not hesitate to access the upgrade and customize the turbo engine or other parameters and help improve the car’s stats. Those stats include speed, acceleration, handling, and more. The higher these stats, the better the vehicle’s performance. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to get the upper hand on practically every track.

In addition, the world’s most famous tracks are also available to unlock during your racing journey. You will have the opportunity to race around the busiest metropolises such as Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Hawaii, and more. Each place has its own landscape and racetrack designed in detail with vivid day and night weather effects. So you will feel like you are adventuring around the world in your favorite car. But don’t forget, you always have different challenges in each location. Make an effort to conquer them and become the most famous racer on the planet.


Realistic design, smooth effect

There seems to be no point to complain about the graphics quality of this game. It is designed on the basis of 3D graphics, providing realistic and sharp images. Pictures of racing cars are described in detail, along with the characteristic engine sounds of each vehicle. Meanwhile, the view of the racetrack will overwhelm you with its high level of detail. You can see buildings, roads, signs, traffic lights, and more. Every movement of the car on your track is also extremely smooth.

So, what are you waiting for without immediately downloading City Racing 3D Mod to your phone? This is an opportunity to experience an exciting racing journey with many modern car models and explore world-famous locations. Show your racing talent whether in time mode or 1v1 racing. You can conquer the leaderboard if you work hard enough and have a smart driving strategy.

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