Craft & Mine 3D APK {{version}}
Craft & Mine 3D APK {{version}}

Craft & Mine 3D APK {{version}}

By TT - November 20, 2022
Name LMHMOD Craft & Mine 3D
Category Casual
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Mobi Screen Apps
Size 55MB
Version 1.0.22
Get It On APK Google Play
Update November 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

If you love the “merge” puzzle genre then give Craft & Mine 3D Mod a try. This is a casual puzzle game with the same design as the legendary Minecraft. In the game, your task is to dig layers of rock to earn resources and items. But you don’t need to do it yourself when you have hard-working miners. You can upgrade them by merging miners of the same level. Just like that, they will dig faster, more, and better. Your job is to enjoy idle mining and crafting. The bright scenery and soft music will help you relax while enjoying this game.

Download Craft & Mine 3D Mod – Enjoy the idle mining process

Have you ever thought of going to distant lands and exploiting limitless resources? Craft & Mine 3D is the place for you to do this. The game offers an endless mining process through many levels. You’ll start at ground level and have to dig deeper to discover the last layer of the ground. That process will bring you many wonderful things, including resources, gems, and even relaxation. Just click on the screen to manage the whole process. Easy to play and idle are the words that best describe this game.


Manage your pool of miners

At the beginning of the game, you have a single miner with a small amount of cash. You can unlock a new miner (level 1) and merge with the existing miner. At that time, your miner will reach level 2 and possess a faster mining speed. He will help you dig up layers of rock to generate idle profits. With the money you earn, you can keep unlocking miners and keep merging. Just like that, you’ll soon have a team of miners working hard to dig everything inside the ground.

The mining process sometimes doesn’t go as smoothly as you think. Some wild animals can be dangerous for miners. So you need to equip them with the necessary weapons and tools. It can be a hammer, bow, sword, ax, and more. The more modern the tool, the higher the damage and the greater the digging force. You will make more profit and faster thanks to these tools. Besides resources, you can also earn keys. Collect them to unlock many attractive gifts.


Unlimited upgrades

The mining process will get more and more difficult as you level up in Craft & Mine 3D Mod. That’s because the layers of rock are getting harder and harder and hiding more and more mysteries. So how to conquer these challenges? You need to upgrade 3 important stats to improve the pool of miners. Those are Miners, Speed, ​​and Earning stats. You need to upgrade the Miners stat to unlock new miners and new tools. Meanwhile, the Speed ​​index shows the mining speed of miners. Finally, the Earning metric shows how much cash you will earn per second.

So which stat should you upgrade first? Usually, upgrading the Earning stat is the most important at the initial stage. That is the time when you need to earn more money to upgrade the remaining stats. Meanwhile, when you reach a certain level, you need to care about the speed and number of miners rather than the profit index. Of course, if you have a lot of money, you need to upgrade all three of these stats to promote mining progress and wealth level.


Rich background and resources

Does this game’s idle gameplay mechanics bore you? Don’t worry because the game knows how to refresh your experience. The game context will change through each level as you dig into new layers of rock. It brings the experience space with new colors and new resources. It can be stones, metals, gold, gems, coal, and more. The more valuable the resources, the higher the profit received. As a result, the deeper you dig, the more interesting your mining becomes.


Classic square block design

This game is designed with the same block style as the Minecraft game. Thanks to that, it brings a feeling of closeness and friendliness at first sight. The image of the digger looks quite funny. The experience scene is always bright and colorful, providing much-needed relaxation. Besides, the mining effect and sound are also quite vivid. It all contributes to an engaging idle experience.

Get ready to join the exciting mining journey of Craft & Mine 3D Mod. This is a place where you don’t need to work too much and still feel relaxed. Your job is to simply tap the screen to merge miners and upgrade everything. Over time, you will have the most productive pool of miners and huge profits. Play hard and you will be well rewarded.

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