Crux: The Great Outdoors Mod APK {{version}} (Paid)
Crux: The Great Outdoors Mod APK {{version}} (Paid)

Crux: The Great Outdoors Mod APK {{version}} (Paid)

By TT - July 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Crux: The Great Outdoors
Category Puzzle
Price FREE
Requires Android 10.0
Publisher Mindgames Studios
Size 62MB
Version 1.0
MOD Features Paid
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Update July 30, 2022 (4 months ago )

Crux: The Great Outdoors Mod is the sequel to the mobile climbing game. It will be the right type of exercise for you to relax your mind and improve your body. The game will bring you into the climbing levels in the background of soft and relaxing music. Your job is to complete the crossing of the terrain by moving your limbs smoothly and quickly. Despite the simple mechanics, this game has a strange appeal. It will delight you with the puzzle mechanism with the characteristic physics of climbing. Besides, with a friendly design style and great music, the game will bring you into a different space to find peace of mind.

Download Crux: The Great Outdoors Mod – Discover an addictive climbing journey

After the success of Crux, Crux: The Great Outdoors was released to improve the previous climbing simulation experience. This time, instead of just simple wall climbing challenges, you will step outside and conquer craggy cliffs. The game brings a new level system with the idea of ​​outdoor climbing. Each level is like a puzzle where you solve the climbing challenge within the given time. The solution to the puzzle is a rhythmic combination of hands, feet, and time. When you achieve balance, you can absolutely overcome the most difficult precipices. Your rewards after each win are bonuses, trophies, and a sense of satisfaction. Are you looking for those?


Design your athlete

Before entering the game, you can design your own climber. The game allows you to customize many different parts from skin color to hairstyle, pants, and shirt. You can unlock dozens of different options for each part to create your favorite style. But you need to get enough cable to unlock the Extra options. If you want the design process to go quickly, simply choose Random to have a quick design for your climber. Besides, you can play many different athletes from athletic guys to cool girls.


Take part in challenging climbing levels

The levels in this game will test your spirit and climbing skills. Basically, its gameplay is no different from the first, but the outdoor climbing challenge will be more difficult than when you climb the wall in the gym. Your job is to conquer the cliffs by climbing over all the landmarks. You will control the athlete’s arms and legs simultaneously to grasp key points and move smoothly on vertical cliffs. The time factor is also worth paying attention to. Your character only holds a pose for a few seconds. If you don’t keep moving him, he will fall off the cliff.

So, to conquer the challenges in Crux: The Great Outdoors Mod, you must be skillful and agile. You need to coordinate your limbs to stick firmly to the points on the plane. At the same time, you must think of the direction to move quickly so as not to fall. Everything looks simple but will require the composure of every player. And this is also an important factor that makes the level of a mountain climber. Accompanying your footsteps on the cliff is relaxing and soothing background music. It will help you relieve some stress to both climbs the mountain and immerse yourself in the beautiful nature.


Enjoy the beautiful scenery

This is what makes the game’s real appeal. The climbing gameplay would not be so attractive without ancillary elements, typically stunning scenery. Each level in the game will take place in different unique backgrounds. You can see high hills, craggy cliffs, poetic valleys, and beach areas with small islands in the distance… These poetic beauty scenes will make you fall in love. The landscape is always colorful and bright, creating a relaxing experience that everyone wants to be immersed in.


Friendly graphic style, relaxing music

The game is designed with 3D graphics but in a block style. So it feels both real and close and fun. The images in the game from characters to landscapes are detailed. The background is described simply but is diverse and colorful. While every movement of the character is very smooth. Besides, music will accompany your climbing journey. These are melodious melodies and have a relaxing effect on the mind and soul.

All in all, Crux: The Great Outdoors Mod will satisfy most players, whether they are professional mountaineers or ordinary people. What this game offers is relaxation in the mind thanks to the addictive climbing exercises. Climbing challenges are like puzzles. Every time you overcome them, you will feel satisfied. If you want to try this feeling, download the game to your phone now.

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