Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod APK 1.58 (Unlimited Money)
Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod APK 1.58 (Unlimited Money)

Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod APK 1.58 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - August 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Super Z dragon games
Size 41MB
Version 1.58
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 3, 2022 (4 months ago )

Won the love of many players around the world. Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod game promises to recreate exciting matches. Inspired by the manga series Dragon Ball. The publisher has since turned it into an action game. Open interesting matches, and help you enjoy a game of your childhood. The gameplay revolves around the battles between the characters in the story. They will compete against each other to find the winner. Through the implementation of skills to attack the opponent. Along with that are the unique features used by the system. Simple 2D graphics, cartoon-style image quality. Along with special skills used by many characters to create vivid effects. Intuitively simulated console combinations.

Download Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod – 1vs1 Battle Between Manga Characters

Dragon Ball Mod is an action game that is completely free to experience. Once downloaded, you can participate in challenges in offline mode. The task system is divided into each level. In ascending order, the difficulty will increase each time you enter a new level. Will have to face another character in the manga series. Their power will be changed, surpassing before. The ability to attack can create large amounts of damage. Until the durable defense can withstand your skill attacks continuously. Along with that, the unique skills are reproduced extremely impressively. Makes it hard for you to beat. You will even lose if you can’t beat your opponent. This means the mission failed, and it takes more time to play again.Game Dragon Ball Mod

Missions by Level

Based on the quest system according to each level of the game Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod. Each level unleashes a 1vs1 style battle. Role-play as a manga character in the Dragon Ball series. You will compete with another opponent to compete. Use the character’s personal skills to attack. Perform different actions in the most flexible way. From smart move to next move. Watch quickly to dodge deadly attacks from your opponents. Combine skills for the most accurate attack. This causes the opponent to gradually decrease the amount of health. Repeat this until the battle is over. From there can win and complete missions to move to new levels. Also receive rewards including balls, bonuses, and symbols.Dragon Ball Mod

Use skills

During the battle of Dragon Ball Mod. The two characters can attack in different ways. Depending on your play style, you can perform your own style attacks. The skill set of the character is role-playing. Move 4 directions including left, right, up, and down. Can defend to limit the amount of health reduced when the opponent attacks. Or use the accelerometer to move within a certain range. Skills are represented as characteristic icons. After each use, it is necessary to pay attention to the recovery time. Cannot be reused immediately, will need to wait a short time. Depending on the skill, there will be a different waiting time. Moreover, when storing enough energy. Can use special skills to transform. Thereby creating a critical attack that causes the opponent to reduce a large amount of health.Dragon Ball Mod

Various characters

Own a diverse character system in Dragon Ball Mod. They are all inspired by characters from childhood manga series. Typical like Son Goku, Son Goten, Son Gohan, Vegeta,… and many more. Each character is designed with a unique appearance. Recreated true images from the story. In particular, they possess their own skill sets. With powerful moves that will be used to attack opponents. However, you cannot arbitrarily choose to role-play as your favorite characters. Instead, it will have to be unlocked after completing the task from the system. It uses accumulated rewards to recruit characters. From time to time participate in the battles of the role-playing character. Winning matches will accumulate experience points to level up.Download Dragon Ball Mod

Through the activities that take place in the game Dragon Ball Z Super Goku Battle Mod. You can easily see the graphics used in 2D. With image quality is not too vivid. But enough to use, because they are designed to be authentic. At the same time, the graphics are simulated in cartoon style. The character designs are inspired by the series. Along with skill effects when used to attack. The unique light effect promises to bring a beautiful viewing angle. Mixed sound is flexibly converted to match each action taking place in battle.

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