Drone 2 Free Assault Mod APK 2.2.158 (Unlimited Money)
Drone 2 Free Assault Mod APK 2.2.158 (Unlimited Money)

Drone 2 Free Assault Mod APK 2.2.158 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - July 7, 2022
Name LMHMOD Drone 2 Free Assault
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Reliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd
Size 590MB
Version 2.2.158
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 7, 2022 (5 months ago )

Drone 2 Free Assault Mod is built based on survival shooting gameplay. Open fierce wars, take place extremely attractive. The content of the game revolves around air raids in the vast sky. As a commander of the air fleet, your mission is to lead the planes to attack the enemy. Destroy dangerous targets and protect the alliance, in order to restore world peace. As can be seen, the game is combined with many different action elements. This gives you a very different survival shooting experience. At the same time enjoy the feeling of flying the plane in the sky. Through the aircraft carrier, Damocles carried out the attack. To complete the assigned tasks with the best achievements. There are many other interesting things waiting for you ahead.

Download Drone 2 Free Assault Mod – Command Aircraft Destroying Enemy Military Bases

To give every player the most engaging experience when participating in Drone 2 Free Assault Mod. The publisher has built a very diverse task system. With over 120 different challenges to take on. Those are military operations that need to be completed. Each mission takes place on a large battlefield. As a commander, you will operate the fighter to attack from the sky. In order to destroy the enemy’s base, destroy the defense force, destroy the military sites, … There are a series of other missions that will be opened after the end of a battle. At the same time, the difficulty of the game will increase with each changed mission. Not only the number of enemies and targets that need to be destroyed will be larger than before. But also have to fend off fierce attacks from the enemy.Drone 2 Free Assault Mod

Facing many challenges, requiring skills

The process of performing tasks in the game Drone 2 Free Assault Mod. You will face many different challenges. The terrain is complex, which is changed every time a new battle begins. In addition, the defensive units are fixed at positions in the military base. Sometimes will have to attack moving targets. They are constantly moving, making it difficult for you to target. At the same time, it will counterattack if it takes too long to destroy the enemy base. Therefore, skill is evaluated as one of the very important factors. Requires you to constantly improve to be more effective. As soon as the location of the target is detected, the combination predicts the direction of their movement. Then quickly attack to destroy.Download Drone 2 Free Assault Mod

More than 50 units, environmental conditions

Through the missions that take place in Drone 2 Free Assault Mod. You will have to fight with more than 50 different types of units. For example gunboats, armored tanks, helicopters, army vehicles, sniper units, etc. Each combat unit is a target that needs to be shot down during missions. Their ability is shown through the defensive layer. Armored tanks and helicopters are usually more fortified. Makes you have to use high destructive firepower to destroy. At the same time, environmental conditions also greatly affect the attack process. In addition to the change of terrain, there are also sandstorms and fog. Making you have limited vision, it is difficult to accurately determine the target. You can now use the night vision feature or Flir for easier observation.Ear Drone 2 Free Assault Mod


Enhancing the attack capability of the aircraft is one of the very important tasks. Drone 2 Free Assault Mod game is provided with a variety of weapons. Includes guided missiles, machine guns, bombs, AMRs, and cannons. Each weapon after being equipped will be mounted on the aircraft, which can be easily used to attack the target. However, it is necessary to learn in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Because each weapon has its own attack style. For example, a machine gun with high flexibility when it is possible to attack many sniper units. But will not be suitable in attacks against gunboats or armored tanks. Instead, you will need to use cannons or drop a fierce rain of bombs. Cause all enemy military bases to be completely destroyed.Game Drone 2 Free Assault Mod

The most noticeable highlight of Drone 2 Free Assault Mod is the graphics. With sharp 3D image quality, along with the perfect combination of the color systems. Since then, it has recreated the extremely realistic environment of the battle terrain. Shown through the mounds in the military area. Or create the shape of combat units appearing in the enemy base. Besides, the lighting effect is shown through the firepower of the aircraft when attacking. The top-down perspective is reproduced very realistically. The realistic sound mix is tailored to each scene.

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