Drone Shadow Strike Mod APK 1.31.113 (Unlimited Money)
Drone Shadow Strike Mod APK 1.31.113 (Unlimited Money)

Drone Shadow Strike Mod APK 1.31.113 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - December 5, 2022
Name LMHMOD Drone Shadow Strike
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Reliance Entertainment Studios UK Pvt Ltd
Size 110MB
Version 1.31.113
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update December 5, 2022 (52 mins ago )

If you love an epic air force combat experience, Drone Shadow Strike Mod is for you. This game brings you into the military war in the first person perspective, where the strategic element is of prime importance. You will be the commander of this war and have the task of working with different vehicles and weapons to complete the assigned missions. There are hundreds of powerful weapons that can be used to give you an advantage in many campaigns. Besides, the nature of the mission is also very diverse, allowing you to be flexible in strategy and control through each level. The sky bombardment battles will make you fall in love with eye-catching effects and realistic images. Plan to win and climb the online leaderboards.

Download Drone Shadow Strike Mod – Large-scale air force military war

Let’s put aside the shooting wars for a while and come to Drone Shadow Strike, a bigger and more epic action game than you could imagine. It is a place where firearms are no longer favored. Instead, you will fly and control planes or missiles to lead the air war. You can fly in the sky and take full control of the battlefield. Your mission is to destroy the enemies of the state to receive bonuses and be promoted to the rank of function. To do this, the game gives you a unique weapon system. You can also upgrade them unlimitedly, ready for unprecedented missions.


Discover many attractive campaigns

There are 5 different campaigns and a total of more than 34 missions inspired by the real world. So you can play for hours every day to discover the countless unique challenges here. Quests have their own requirements and reward system. It can be missions to rescue hostages, rob territory, protect convoys of allied forces, and more. Quests will lead you to multiple strategic positions and challenge your leadership talents. You need meticulous and clever plans to defeat your enemies, from tanks to planes, helicopters, and more. The scale of the wars will be larger and larger, requiring constant progress.

Although highly strategic, the control of the game is quite simple. You just need to select the target and click “Fire” to attack the enemy. But you need to act quickly and in time to protect your allies before being bombarded by enemies. Besides, you need to aim accurately and choose the right weapon to achieve effective shots. There are dozens of different weapons that you can use in battle. So, what will you choose? That is the strategic question that you must consider. If you play well, you can enter the global battlefield and explore live events to compete and rank up.


Unlock and upgrade weapons and vehicles

There are up to 8 different UCAVs that you can drive in Drone Shadow Strike Mod. They can be prototypes or customized based on looks and engines from actual vehicles. Besides, you can find special weapons such as bombs, missiles, and drones. Some weapons will require you to aim yourself while others can identify and track targets. During the fight, you can choose multiple weapons and alternate using them your way.

In addition, the upgrade is important to improve the strength of the air force. Specifically, you can improve damage, accuracy, ammo capacity, and more. By upgrading, you will easily gain an advantage in early-stage battles. But the challenges will be more and more difficult as the enemy system becomes more and more powerful and diverse. Therefore, upgrade unlimited to always have the edge in your fight. There are many maps to explore in the battle journey here. They are maps inspired by the field of the historical war of mankind.


3D graphics with realistic and classic design

The game will impress you with its high-end graphics. It vividly depicts the ultimate air wars on 3D graphics with realistic images and eye-catching effects. Vehicles and weapons are inspired by real life, giving the feeling of being immersed in historical wars. The effects of bombardment, dropping bombs … are really impressive, making every battle grand and attractive. From a first-person perspective, you can easily enjoy these.

All in all, Drone Shadow Strike Mod is a strategic action game not to be missed. It brings epic air battles with the presence of top war vehicles. Explore missions where you are the commander of the air corps. Your goal is dozens of available titles and achievements.

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