European War 7: Medieval Mod APK 1.9.4 (Unlimited Money)
European War 7: Medieval Mod APK 1.9.4 (Unlimited Money)

European War 7: Medieval Mod APK 1.9.4 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - December 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD European War 7: Medieval
Category Strategy
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher EasyTech
Size 276MB
Version 1.9.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update December 1, 2022 (3 days ago )

European War 7: Medieval Mod brings you back to the serious medieval war in Europe. Here, you are the general of an army, a nation created by yourself. Your wish is to conquer the territory of Europe with your own strategy of controlling your generals. You will work with the most talented generals and the most powerful units and vehicles of the medieval period. Your job is to combine them together to create wars that give your country an advantage. You also have the opportunity to participate in real events in the historical timeline. There are hundreds of campaigns and countries participating in the war, creating large-scale strategic wars on the map of Europe.

Download European War 7: Medieval Mod – The ultimate military strategy gameplay

This game will make lovers of the military strategy genre fascinated. Because it is carefully designed in every respect to bring you into the ultimate military war in the historical timeline in Europe. The game context takes place in the medieval period when Europe suffered from constant wars due to the conflict between many peoples such as Vikings, English, Franks, Roman Empire, and more. Wars arose across the entire map of the region, leading to many political, military, and economic changes around the world. Join the game, you will become a resourceful general with a mission to conquer the wars. Show your strategy to weather Europe’s turbulent times and take power into your hands.


Participate in famous campaigns

This game is highly appreciated for its massive story and quest system. Specifically, it has up to 14 story chapters and 120 different campaigns to bring you into historical battles. You will have the opportunity to explore fascinating true events such as the Rise of Byzantium, the Viking Invasion, the Hundred Years’ War, and more. You can join more than 150 countries and forces on the map of Europe, creating a large-scale war. Thanks to that, this is indeed a rare opportunity for you to enjoy the real heat of medieval war, feel its importance and have the opportunity to test many cool strategies in different campaigns.

In any translation mode, your mission is to work like a real general. You need to observe and evaluate the war situation in order to have wise general control strategies. To go to war, you need to build powerful armies and command them properly. You need to combine different units from infantry to navy and top generals. Moreover, do not forget to build and strengthen cities to increase the production of main objects and have more revenue to boost the economy and support the war. You can also apply clever diplomacy to entice allies and influence the battlefield.


Unlock and upgrade generals and units

European War 7: Medieval Mod brings you more than 150 famous generals in medieval Europe. They could be Genghis Khan, Joan of Arc, Richard I, William Wallace, and more. But anyone starts from an inexperienced general. Your job is to give them war missions to gradually become true legendary commanders. Besides, you need to upgrade the generals over time to advance their ranks, unlock new skills, and help your army gain an advantage in every war. But a wise general needs powerful armies to make it work.

The game has hundreds of different units and weapons for you to create your own army. Specifically, you can find more than 30 legendary units such as swordsmen, cavalry, navy, battleships, and more. Each unit possesses unique skills and advantages, suitable for different types of campaigns from land to sea. In addition, there are more than 60 types of military equipment such as chariots, cannons, warships, and fortresses, … These things are enough for you to create many types of army groups to be flexible in battles.


Unique classic design style

The game will make you fall in love with the classic 2D graphic style making a realistic depiction of medieval military battles. Images of generals and units are carefully designed and detailed. The system of maps of the countries displayed on the screen is intuitive with unique icons and diverse colors. Besides, the combat effects are also very eye-catching, giving you a real war feeling on the battlefield. The sound is also well done with the heroic background music, stimulating the spirit of all generals.

All in all, European War 7: Medieval Mod is really a great game in the military war theme. It takes you into fascinating historical wars with top-notch strategy elements. You will have the opportunity to show your strategic talent and reasoning ability in hundreds of real war campaigns. And there are hundreds of unique content to discover. Take advantage of it all to win and rank up on the leaderboard.

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