Gemstone Legends Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, God Mode, High Damage)
Gemstone Legends Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, God Mode, High Damage)

Gemstone Legends Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, God Mode, High Damage)

By TT - November 24, 2022
Name LMHMOD Gemstone Legends
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Stribog Games
Size 138MB
Version 0.46.520
MOD Features Menu, God Mode, High Damage
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update November 24, 2022 (1 week ago )

Come to Gemstone Legends Mod and you will join the epic story. It is the story of the war between heroes and the mighty dark forces. Your mission is to recruit heroes into the squad to fight the enemy, protect the untapped treasury and keep the world peaceful. But you don’t need to practice super skills. Instead, you need a wise match-3 puzzle strategy to conquer every war. Match stones of the same color to help the hero deploy special skills. Many attractive rewards are waiting for you after each epic match-3 battle here.

Download Gemstone Legends Mod – Action combined with match-3 puzzles

The combination of action, adventure, and puzzle elements is not new but always effective. And it once again makes the great appeal of Gemstone Legends. This combination makes the action mechanism simple and easy to follow but no less interesting. You will enjoy it through the battles shown on the match-3 puzzle board. Your goal is to destroy your enemies with gem combos. This task is not simple and gets more and more complicated as you go into new levels. Prove you’re a clever puzzler by conquering every level.


Discover fascinating quests

This game currently has 2 main modes but possesses a dense mission system. Specifically, in campaign mode, the game has dozens of different small campaigns. You need to complete the missions in each campaign to unlock the new campaign. Just like that, the game will take you through many new wars, enemies, and lands. If you don’t like to enjoy such a long journey, join the arena. This is the place for PvP battles. You will fight with real players to rank up. Besides, you can also join a guild to side with your friends.


Simple but fun combat mechanics

Participating in each mission, you will have an action battle with puzzle mechanics. It is turn-based, and at each turn, you and the enemy have 3 moves. You need to take advantage of these 3 turns to pair gems and create effective attack combos. The bigger the combo, the higher the damage or the better the healing effect. In particular, each gem on the puzzle board will correspond to a certain hero in the squad. So you need to match the appropriate gems to harness the power of each hero.

In other words, you need to have a wise puzzle strategy when playing Gemstone Legends Mod. Don’t match by feeling if you want to win the enemy. Based on the situation of the game, you can make decisions to attack or defend. If you attack, you need to choose the appropriate heroes, then choose the corresponding gems to pair. Of course, you also do the same thing when you want to defend and recover. Each fight will end when either side loses all HP. And only the winner gets the bonus.


Explore the hero system

This game offers a very unique collection of hero cards. The card system will be hierarchical from common to rare and the highest is legendary. Besides, you can distinguish the hero’s strength based on the number of stars (the highest is 5 stars). Heroes are also sorted by type, including mages, warriors, archers, supports, and more. Of course, you need to understand each hero system well to find the most appropriate options. Your squad should have cards of different types.

Each system will include many hero cards. Each hero will have their own skills and strengths. Some people will favor attacks with the ability to deal physical or magical damage. Some others will be more defensive and healing for allies. You need to choose the most appropriate cards, and at the same time have to upgrade the heroes to improve the strength of the squad. Moreover, collect useful items to upgrade the hero’s attributes.


Classic design style

Everything in the game is covered in classic colors. It helps to show the context and content of the game story. From there, the dark fantasy world came to life. The hero system is also carefully designed from appearance to skills. In particular, each hero will have eye-catching 2D cut scenes to show off special moves. Besides, the puzzle effects are very eye-catching. This is the main factor that makes the attractiveness of the battlefield.

So what are you waiting for without downloading Gemstone Legends Mod right away? It will delight you with addictive match-3 battles. You just need to swipe your hand on the screen to play but still feel the heat of the battlefield. If you want to win, gather and upgrade the most powerful heroes. Furthermore, try out various squad strategies when facing new enemies. Your opponent is not only a Boss but also a real player with high intelligence.

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