Giant Wanted Mod APK 1.1.28 (Unlimited Money)
Giant Wanted Mod APK 1.1.28 (Unlimited Money)

Giant Wanted Mod APK 1.1.28 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - July 7, 2022
Name LMHMOD Giant Wanted
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Size 115MB
Version 1.1.28
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 7, 2022 (5 months ago )

Use the equipped gun to attack the giants in Giant Wanted Mod. This is an action shooting game. Open levels to play with many different missions. Play as a sniper to perform assigned tasks. You need to shoot down the giant to protect the destroyed city. Prevent buildings from collapsing by their muscular bodies. The game is simulated in a completely novel style. Instead of using 3D graphics to recreate a realistic environment. Here, everything is built in a bright 2D cartoon style. Along with that, the control system is used in a very simple way. Make it easy for you to perform shooting operations to attack.

Download Giant Wanted Mod – Kill Giants To Protect The City

The story of Giant Wanted Mod unfolds in a huge city. This place is simulated with high-rise buildings. With the appearance of living humans. But everything is in danger of being destroyed. Because the appearance of the giant turned the city upside down. They attack people and destroy buildings on the way they pass. If not prevented in time, the city will surely turn into an explosion area, severely damaged. To protect the city and the innocent people. You will play the role of a hero, using a sniper rifle as a combat weapon. Go on a mission to destroy the moving giant. At the same time through that will earn bonuses to improve yourself. Increased attack ability with higher damage.Giant Wanted Mod

The gameplay goes on, the rewards are received

The gameplay of Giant Wanted Mod is quite interesting. The task system is divided into many different levels. Each level opens a shooting game screen, the goal is to shoot down the giant. In the process, the number of ammo is limited. Only up to 5 bullets can be used to destroy the target. Rely on your own skills to fire bullets, and complete missions. Then will receive a lot of attractive rewards. In addition to the number of gold coins received, the same will increase when completing the next levels. There is also a chance to get a new gun, through the accumulation of a percentage. When reaching 100% will be changed to use new weapons. Moreover, you have a chance to get more bonuses. By receiving rewards every day and completing tasks with excellent results.Tai Giant Wanted Mod

Shooting skills

Although the gameplay of Giant Wanted Mod is quite simple. Just shoot down the giant to destroy. To keep the city and everyone safe. But it also requires skill to be able to perform. Because each level takes place, the difficulty is increasing day by day. The sniper distance between you and the giant will be continuously changed, further than before. At the same time, the terrain is also changed, and obstacles appear during the attack. Therefore, it is necessary to combine observation of the environment ahead. Take advantage of opportunities and gaps to fire quickly and accurately. In particular, just one bullet can still knock down the target. By shooting the headshot at the enemy’s head. In addition, if you shoot at other parts of the body, it will cost more bullets.Download Giant Wanted Mod

Various types of sniper rifles

Weapons used in Giant Wanted Mod include sniper rifles. With so many different types provided by the system. Allows you to experience, as well as change the feeling of shooting. Their difference is shown by the outer color. Size, style, and precision. However, to own your favorite guns requires you to use the money to buy them. Each type of gun will cost a different amount. After unlocking them, you can continue to spend money to upgrade. Increases more damage when hitting the target. From there will quickly complete the task to continue to step into the new level. Gradually can conquer difficult challenges to protect the city.Game Giant Wanted Mod

As introduced earlier, about the graphics of Giant Wanted Mod. To create an interesting and novel space. The game’s graphics have been used in 2D. With a combination of bright color systems. The same shape as a giant outsider in a very impressive style. Designed in the form of a clay person, with no facial expressions. But the body color is changed according to each level. Besides, the simulated sound is very realistic. The sound of guns when firing bullets to attack, the sound of giants screaming when being hit. Everything makes for a very entertaining shooting experience.

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