Grow Archer Chaser Mod APK 1196 (Unlimited Money)
Grow Archer Chaser Mod APK 1196 (Unlimited Money)

Grow Archer Chaser Mod APK 1196 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - August 15, 2022
Name LMHMOD Grow Archer Chaser - Idle RPG
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher SUPERBOX.Inc
Size 96MB
Version 1196
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 15, 2022 (4 months ago )

Considered one of the action-style idle role-playing games. The game Grow Archer Chaser Mod opens endless wars. Your mission is to constantly grow to become stronger. Through the role-playing hero participates in the war. Attack monsters and bosses in a challenging journey. In this game, you will experience a series of unique features. There is a chance to get attractive rewards after completing the tutorial. Chapter-by-chapter missions, along with daily challenges. A random draw will be drawn every day. Through the implementation of 3 mini games for free. The gameplay is simple and easy to implement. Combined with vivid graphics, and beautiful background sound. Create an extremely enjoyable idle journey.

Download Grow Archer Chaser Mod – Female Archer’s Battle To Protect Isteria

The story of Grow Archer Chaser Mod revolves around the heroine. As an archer, with the ability to shoot long-range archery. You will play the role of the heroine to join the challenging journey. The gameplay takes place in an iterative process. It is fighting monsters in search of bonuses. Buy equipment and upgrades to increase strength. From there will continue to move forward to conquer more difficult challenges. Here, the hero’s power can grow unlimitedly. At the same time, you will have to perform tasks according to the game’s plot. Fight against dangerous monsters and enemies. Defend the kingdom of Isteria from invasion. Not subject to control and domination from them. At the same time there to have a chance to collect rewards.Grow Archer Chaser Mod

99 chapters, daily quest

Although Grow Archer Chaser Mod is an idle role-playing game. But building a system of extremely diverse tasks. With 99 chapters taking place in the sequence of the plot. Along with a lot of quests that take place every day. Play as a female archer to start the journey. Fight with enemies to perform different missions. Overcome difficult challenges to grow and develop yourself. Every time you pass a chapter move on to the next chapter. The difficulty also increases from there. Difficult challenges will appear with greater frequency. The number of monsters in the next chapters will be more than before. Over time, conquer each chapter of the game in turn. Complete different missions to overcome the challenge. From there you will prove your strength.Tai Grow Archer Chaser Mod

Idle gameplay, constantly growing

Based on the idle gameplay of Grow Archer Chaser Mod. The female archer will attack monsters as soon as they appear. Without your intervention, can shoot arrows automatically. Each time you kill an enemy, you will receive a reward and experience points. Keep moving forward to face tougher challenges. Over time, when accumulating enough experience points will increase to new levels. Simultaneously throughout the course of the battle. You can use the rewards you collect to unlock new powers. Buy weapons and upgrade them to increase damage. Easily destroy the enemy in the next battles. Moreover, in parallel with upgrading weapons. Do not forget to improve the inner strength of the heroine. Can randomly unleash attack power during battle.Game Grow Archer Chaser Mod

Confront the boss

In addition to the monsters that the heroine will face during the battles. Sometimes even more difficult challenges are faced. That is fighting the boss in some levels of the Grow Archer Chaser Mod. Boss possesses a power that surpasses ordinary monsters. The ability to withstand intense attacks from you. It takes a long time to beat. Moreover, during the battle with the boss, there will be a limited time. According to that, you need to defeat the boss before time runs out. Only then can the task be completed with excellent results. The reward received after defeating the boss is extremely large. They can be many times more than normal battles. But the challenge is also bigger, making it more difficult.Download Grow Archer Chaser Mod

In addition to the story quest of the game Grow Archer Chaser Mod. You can also participate in 3 mini-games. Each game is built in its own style. From the rules to the gameplay, when participating need to be followed. Win mini-games. There will be a chance to randomly draw to receive interesting rewards. Moreover, right at the start of the game. Complete the task according to the instructions from the system. Then will receive a large number of rewards to use.

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