GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod APK 1.0 (Unlocked)
GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod APK 1.0 (Unlocked)

GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod APK 1.0 (Unlocked)

By HN - July 23, 2022
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.0
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 204MB
Version 1.0
MOD Features Unlocked
Update July 23, 2022 (4 months ago )

Get ready to be a gangster in GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod. Through criminal activities in the vast city. With a series of different tasks waiting for you to perform. The content of the game takes place according to an attractive storyline. Here, you will play the role of the character Niko. A notorious criminal to start a challenging journey. Conquer tough challenges to build your reputation. Dream of ruling the underworld in a city full of sin. Currently, this game is a newly released version. Use many interesting features. When participating, you will enjoy vivid graphics. Smooth and flexible control mechanism. Incorporates open, interactive gameplay with the surroundings. Along with many different levels of play to choose from.

Download GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod – Become A Gangster In Crime City

The story of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod revolves around the character Niko. Set in a huge city. Before that, spent a few years at sea. Niko and his cousin Roma returned to Liberty City. The two of them are still pursuing freedom. With the dream of ruling the underworld. At the same time, Niko’s goal is to find the traitor 15 years ago. He used to lead enemies to attack his teammates. Not stopping there, they are also going through a very difficult time. Because his cousin Roman used to lose money and owe the gangster a large amount of money. Now, the two of them will have to face the pursuit of the henchmen. Those are the dangerous gangsters. They will attack as soon as they meet Niko and Roman to make them pay the amount owed.Download GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod

Gameplay, many criminal activities

Based on the open gameplay designed in GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod. Can interact with the surrounding environment. Perform activities freely, without restrictions. Use weapons to attack innocent people. Kill people, rob property, fight the police. Drive on the road to discover unknown places in the city. There are many other criminal activities that will be performed when participating. However, every criminal act comes with a price. You will have to trade with your life when moving anywhere. The wanted of the police force, the criminals, the gangster chase. Your danger will be assessed by the offense. Depending on the gameplay, offer different methods to build your reputation.Game GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod

Get rewards, skills, and strategies

The mission system of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod is very diverse. Play as the character Niko to start the adventure. With a variety of different tasks to perform. Each task will be given conditions by the system to comply. Upon completion, you will receive a bonus. Based on the achievement achieved in each mission. The amount of the bonus will not stop increasing. At the same time, the difficulty of each challenge will be more complicated than before. You will have to move to many different locations in the city. Interact with other players. Along with that, to complete the task excellently. Requires your skill and strategy in the process. Provide appropriate solutions to handle situations. At the same time constantly improve my skills. Gain more experience to get even better results.GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod

Graphics and sound

Graphics of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod bring a whole new style. Instead of using a modern environment like previous versions. Here, the graphics are designed in a classic style. Can be easily noticed right after joining the game. From the houses, the colors, and the landscape, to the street. Everything is reproduced very impressively. Help you feel immersed in the entertainment space of the game. Along with that, sound effects are simulated realistically. Each character’s actions when interacting with the surrounding environment. For example jogging on the road, driving in the city. The sound will be dynamically changed to match the activity going on.GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod

The control interface of GTA 4 MOBILE Edition Mod is simulated simply. Use a third-person perspective to see from behind. Can track all movements, and gestures of the character. The system provides a navigation mechanism in two different ways. You can use virtual keys like joystick or arrow keys. Used to direct the movement of the character. Besides, actions will be simulated as icons. When experiencing in character form, use punches and kicks to attack. When driving a car, the control system will be changed. You can speed up, slow down and interact by opening the car door when parked.

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