Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod APK 1.45 (Unlocked VIP)
Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod APK 1.45 (Unlocked VIP)

Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod APK 1.45 (Unlocked VIP)

By TT - August 1, 2022
Name LMHMOD Hard Time (Prison Sim)
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher MDickie
Size 25MB
Version 1.45
MOD Features Unlocked VIP
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Update August 1, 2022 (4 months ago )

Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod is a sim game with an extremely new context. It will bring you into the prison, where you will have to survive with hundreds of other prisoners and obnoxious prison guards. Your mission is not only to survive but to live healthy and happy. To do that, you need to cover the different needs of your prisoners with rewarding activities. You can read books, play sports, even make money in prison, or cause chaos with ruleless wrestling matches. Make your way, as long as you have the longest survival time. This game will show you what prison is like in an intuitive, funny way. Are you ready to go through this difficult time?

Download Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod – A sim simulator in a prison context

Most sim games always attract players by the fun and relaxing scene, but Hard Time (Prison Sim) is the opposite. However, it is also funny and attractive as usual sim games. Join the game, you will become a prisoner who has just been convicted. From now on, you will have to live with 100 other prisoners in a prison setting, waiting for the day to be released. During your time in prison, you need to follow your own rules or you can break them your way. Your every action will affect your reputation and your life here. So, what kind of person will you become? This game will make you enjoy the role-playing gameplay that combines action, adventure, and even puzzles.


Act your way

At the beginning of the game, you can design the prisoner yourself by customizing a few details on the body and clothing. Then your prisoner journey officially begins. Things are not so difficult when you just arrive at the prison. If you obediently follow the rules and tasks assigned, you will have a peaceful first time. Activities can take a toll on both your physical and mental health. But you can recover by sleeping. However, the messy things in the prison won’t leave you alone and asleep all the time. After a while, more challenges will find you. You are forced to act more aggressively to survive against other violent prisoners and even frenzied prison guards.

The quests for you gradually become more difficult, putting you in difficult situations. Think smart action strategy to overcome all and aim for the position of prison domination. You can interact and use dozens of different tools and fixtures like sticks, tables, chairs, and even guns. With different uses, they can help you complete missions quickly or turn you into a prison assassin. If you want, you can participate in wrestling matches with prisoners and the warden. You can also stand up to lead a gangster to increase your reputation, trade items for profit, and much more.


Prisoner upgrade

Over time, your prisoner life in Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod will become more and more difficult. To survive as long as possible, you need to upgrade your prisoner to improve both his health and intelligence. There are 4 important factors to upgrade, namely:

Strength: The greater this stat, the stronger you can attack while absorbing less damage. With great strength, you will gain the advantage in duels, thereby also contributing to increasing your reputation. To improve your strength, you should lift weights or participate in many wrestling matches to increase your experience.

Agility: You can improve this stat by playing sports like soccer, basketball, or jogging. Agility allows you to surpass others in every activity.

Intelligence: Besides physical strength, whether your prisoner can dominate the prison or not will depend on his intellectual level. Help him improve his mind by reading books. This helps him to devise new skills to act wisely and flexibly.

Reputation: This metric reflects the respect others have for you. It is also an important factor to help you strengthen your position of prison dominance. To improve it, you can threaten others or try to complete assigned tasks.


Classic design style

The game impresses with classic and funny 2D graphics. It vividly simulates images of prisoners with many different faces. The prison context is also very rich, with up to 12 different areas. In each area, the game is detailed with unique furniture pieces, creating a realistic prison environment. Every action of the character is also very smooth. Wrestling matches are always funny and dramatic with hilarious voiceovers.


Hard Time (Prison Sim) Mod will not let you down with its funny and classic prison simulator. It promises to bring you new experiences like never before when you are a real prisoner. Show your action strategy to be the ruler of the prison and survive as long as you can. Your journey will reflect your personality and wisdom in the face of prison trials.

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