Heroes Infinity Mod APK 1.36.15 (Unlimited Money, Diamond)
Heroes Infinity Mod APK 1.36.15 (Unlimited Money, Diamond)

Heroes Infinity Mod APK 1.36.15 (Unlimited Money, Diamond)

By TT - August 15, 2022
Name LMHMOD Heroes Infinity
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher DIVMOB
Size 223MB
Version 1.36.15
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Diamond
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 15, 2022 (4 months ago )

Welcome to the world of Heroes Infinity Mod, where you set off on a legendary adventure through magical classic fantasy lands. You will be a warrior in your battle or keep the task of building a strong squad to go to victory. There are dozens of gods and heroes with unique skills and stats to choose from. So, what is the best combination? You need to find the gods that fit your action strategy, upgrade their power with unique equipment, and constantly flex the squad by recruiting more. Besides, you can join a clan or compete with your friends online. Work hard for your ranking on the global leaderboard.

Download Heroes Infinity Mod – Action adventure with the gods

The game is built in a supernatural fantasy world, where humans and gods live together and always try to keep the peace. However, this world is slowly being destroyed by the onslaught of mystical creatures. So you need to join the journey against the enemy to protect the peace here. You will transform into one of the gods or gather up to 3 gods for the fight. A strong and mutually supportive squad will make your victory. There are dozens of exciting game modes with hundreds of missions for you every day. Let’s adventure through quests and conquer many trophies your way.


Explore game modes

There are quite a few different modes you can find in this game. Specifically, those are the following modes:

Adventure: This can be seen as the Story mode that you often see in many mobile adventure and RPG games. It consists of successive levels, giving you battles with increasing difficulty. Your job is to overcome the wars, gain experience, level up the gods, and expand new lands in the adventure.

Star Gate: Your mission is to collect god shards to summon mysterious gods. But to get what you want, battles with enemies are challenges that you need to overcome.

Practice: This is where you can freely choose the god for your squad, deploy the most powerful and wisest tactics and test them on the battlefield. No quests, no leaderboards. It is a place for every gamer, especially new players.

Sky Tower: Imagine your journey as tower floors. Your mission is to conquer the entire tower by overcoming enemies on each floor. This is a fun way to challenge the limits of your legendary squad power.

Boss and Super Boss: What could be better than being able to confront the legendary Boss? You need to be ready and focused to face bosses or super bosses to hunt for unique rewards here. You can play alone or with a group of gods depending on the mission.


Enjoy the exciting battles

Regardless of the mode, Heroes Infinity Mod always gives you many attractive and addictive battles. In battle, your job is to gather and control the gods to gain an advantage over enemies or other players. To do this, visit your hero collection, where the gods have been unlocked. You need to choose the 3 most powerful and suitable gods to form a squad and go to war. On the battlefield, you have full control of the god through skill cards. You need to choose the right skills to help the hero gain the upper hand.

The fiery battles with a series of unique effects will make you mesmerized. Moreover, the highly strategic element will become your addiction. Through battles, you constantly unlock new gods with unique skill sets. Thanks to that, you always have many interesting options to include in the squad or play them yourself. Over time, heroes can be upgraded to become stronger. That’s the basis for you to win with stronger enemies, even Boss and top players on the leaderboard.


Join the guild and community

This game allows you to connect and interact with many players in different ways. It has a PvP mode where you can compete against others in a 5v5 match. Besides, you can also build your own guild or join an existing guild. Your job is to work side by side with your allies to defeat other Guilds, thereby conquering high rankings and super team rewards.

So, don’t miss Heroes Infinity Mod because this is an interesting playground. Get ready to discover the most unique gods and engage in fiery battles with them. There are countless different wars and locations to explore and conquer. With more power, you will have more advantages and chances against battles for titles and rewards. Are you ready to enjoy these?

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