High Sea Saga Mod APK 2.3.5 (Unlimited Money, medals, points)
High Sea Saga Mod APK 2.3.5 (Unlimited Money, medals, points)

High Sea Saga Mod APK 2.3.5 (Unlimited Money, medals, points)

By TT - August 10, 2022
Name LMHMOD High Sea Saga
Category Casual
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Kairosoft
Size 36MB
Version 2.3.5
MOD Features Unlimited Money, medals, points
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update August 10, 2022 (4 months ago )

Do you want to discover interesting legends about the treasure seas? Join High Sea Saga Mod and enjoy it. This is a great management simulator where you have to build and develop a powerful pirate empire. You will play as a captain and must recruit crewmen and wise businessmen to take on all missions. You must control them to conquer treasure islands, search for precious gold chests and defend your pirate empire against all enemies. Besides, you need to have a wise investment strategy. Manage your profits efficiently to upgrade every element on the island, while still generating coins every day.

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Have you ever thought about becoming a captain and diving into the legendary waters? This game will challenge your talent as a captain and as a strategy manager. The game is built with construction, management, and action gameplay. So you will have to take on many things from building structures to managing crews, implementing upgrade and expansion strategies, and fighting to protect your empire. Your enemies are unexpected storms, treasure-guarding monsters, and other aggressive pirates. Overcome all challenges, you will become the richest and most powerful pirate of all time.


Build and manage buildings

The goal of every captain is to reach far into the open seas and find the most valuable treasures. But to do this, first of all, build a strong pirate mechanism. You need to unlock new buildings on the island, then hire talented crews to manage the construction. These works will continuously operate and generate profits for you. You will need profits to invest in building ships and recruiting crews, from which to form crews of pirates to participate in long journeys. Upgrade your island continuously to generate more profits. And that is the foundation for you to reach out into the open sea, where treasures are waiting for you to discover.

These trips can be made daily. But you need to be ready with the boat, the crew, the fuel, and the necessary food. Trips will bring you important resources. Those are treasures buried in the ocean thousands of years ago. They will reward pirates who are strong enough and ambitious. With them, you can easily develop and upgrade your island. Building and exploration go hand in hand, accelerating progress over time. You will own an increasingly crowded crew and higher and higher rankings on the leaderboard.


Talented crew selection

The resources that make up your strength in High Sea Saga Mod are the crew. You can recruit them by sending notices to potential talent markets or recruiting people you meet along the way. Each crew has its own unique characteristics and skills, which in turn can take on different roles in your pirate empire. For example, the traders are the managers of the item shops on the island. You will need to look at them every time you need to buy useful items. Meanwhile, the masons are in charge of managing and upgrading the works. By upgrading crews, you will help speed up construction and crafting, thereby shortening the development process.


Join idle wars

As you know, the ocean and the huge treasures are not just your own aspirations. Many other pirates also want to own them, so they are your enemies. Besides, the treasures are not alone but guarded by crazy legendary monsters. You need to prepare warriors and advanced technology to fight them. Install heavy weapons on your ship and send the best combat crews to the ocean battleground. You will master the islands and treasures with your power.


Classic and fun pixel design

The game is built in pixel style, reminiscent of the classic games many years ago. The game scene is described in great detail and is composed of many unique areas, buildings, and locations. The small crews look downright funny but do a good job. They make everything in your pirate empire on the cool and majestic sea. The fun and lively melodies are also the factors that make the addictive appeal of this game.

Don’t miss High Sea Saga Mod because it is the best management simulation game with a pirate theme. You will master the islands with wise strategy, not just violence. Let’s focus on economic development to promote the power of crews. And they will adventure through mysterious seas to bring you great treasures.

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