Hitwicket Superstars Mod APK 5.0.2 (Menu, Auto Win, Speed, No ADS)
Hitwicket Superstars Mod APK 5.0.2 (Menu, Auto Win, Speed, No ADS)

Hitwicket Superstars Mod APK 5.0.2 (Menu, Auto Win, Speed, No ADS)

By TT - November 20, 2022
Name LMHMOD Hitwicket Superstars
Category Sport
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Hitwicket Cricket Games
Size 162MB
Version 5.0.2
MOD Features Menu, Auto Win, Speed, No ADS
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Update November 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Welcome to Hitwicket Superstars Mod, the most loved baseball simulation game on mobile. You can become the top coach of the baseball club of the most famous players in the world. Moreover, you will take your team everywhere, participate in international battles and raise the championship cup. It’s been a long and inspiring journey, motivating you to constantly improve and upgrade your squad. Fire bad players and hire top baseball pros at a high cost. You can also compete with your friends online and hunt for trophies after beating them. Exciting and eye-catching baseball games are coming, don’t hesitate to be a part of them.

Download Hitwicket Superstars Mod – A baseball strategy simulation game

This is a fun sports simulator for you to play while learning about baseball. It does not require you to practice hitting or catching the ball. But you have to be a wise strategist, coach, and investor. You need to build the best team of baseball players to conquer every tournament from small to big, from domestic to international. The game allows you to evaluate your strategic prowess through leaderboards. There, you can see where you stand against other online players. You can also combine with friends to fight together. Countless attractive bonuses from tournaments will make you unable to sit still.


Multiple modes to explore

Currently, this game has quite a few different modes. First, the most typical mode must be mentioned, which is the story mode with a rich level system. Here, you will compete against AI opponents and advance over time. You can even play offline and can choose from easy to medium and hard. Meanwhile, the real-time mode will include various campaigns. You can participate in quick 3-minute matches with many players in the virtual world. Besides, if you want a long journey, participate in tournaments. You can choose to compete locally, then win a championship to unlock access to national and international tournaments.

To participate in each match, you need to arrange a perfect squad. You need to spend money to buy baseball players and put them in the 11-member squad. Please arrange the players in reasonable positions to effectively exploit their ability. Moreover, in each match, consider your opponent to have a plan to customize the squad. You also need to review your matches to learn from your experience. Do not hesitate to remove players who lack the potential to add valuable new players. Each player has a separate purchase price. Therefore, you also need to consider the investment cost factor. Be the wisest coach and investor.


Unlock and upgrade baseball players

There are hundreds of baseball players available in Hitwicket Superstars Mod at the store. But of course, you need to have enough money to shop and own it all in your squad. Each player can fit into different positions on the field. Moreover, they possess their own skills and can be objectively evaluated through the number of stars. The more stars a player has, the better, but the more expensive the price. However, it is not necessary to buy all the most expensive players. A harmonious squad is better than an all-star squad but fragmented, and lacking in mutual support.

You can influence the ability of each player by upgrading. After a certain number of upgrades, players will have new skills. At that time, they can improve their stats, giving you an advantage in hitting the ball, throwing the ball, or catching the ball depending on the position of each player. With better players, you will have more options to upgrade and refresh your team’s strategy. Then, going further in the tournaments is no longer a problem.


Funny cartoon design

Everything in the game is depicted in a cartoon style. Even so, it still highlights the beauty of world-famous baseball players. The baseball field scene is also designed based on reality. You can have a verdant football field, result table, and a grandstand with thousands of spectators. Each of your shots on the field will come with eye-catching effects. The sound is fun, combined with the cheers from the audience to create an inspiring experience space.


So if you are a baseball lover, Hitwicket Superstars Mod is the best place to enjoy. You don’t need to be directly involved in each match, but you will command them all. You can decide the lineup and transfer strategy of the baseball club. Moreover, you are also the one who comes up with upgrade ideas to take your team further.

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