Jellipop Match Mod APK (Unlimited Money)
Jellipop Match Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Jellipop Match Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

By TT - July 11, 2022
Name LMHMOD Jellipop Match
Category Puzzle
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Microfun Limited
Size 437MB
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 11, 2022 (5 months ago )

Welcome to the paradise world of Jellipop Match Mod. This is a puzzle game with a well-rounded story and thousands of colorful traditional match-3 levels. It will be the place for you to unleash your puzzle talents and explore hundreds of unique construction quests. Fun puzzle boards are a place to relax and earn money, which helps you shop for dozens of beautiful pieces of furniture and create the island of your dreams. You will not join them alone, but many funny friends will accompany you. The further you go, the more opportunities you have to meet and socialize with the charming cast of characters. Besides, many new areas are gradually unlocked, leading you on an endless adventure on the island. Explore them all and write your own new story.

Download Jellipop Match Mod – Decorate your dream island through puzzle boards

Join the game, you will follow Bingo, a funny and talented boy. He will guide you through the chapters of the story and become an important part of the island-building plan. This place was once ravaged by the evil witch, so it became desolate and old. Now it is your duty to renovate the island to restore its poetic beauty. But no pressure was needed, everything was very relaxing and soothing. Just go through familiar puzzle boards to earn bonuses and rebuild each area of ​​the island. It’s also a journey filled with joy and inspiration as you get to meet many different characters.


Familiar and fun puzzle mechanics

So far, the game has more than 3000 match-3 levels for you to unleash your creativity and puzzle talent. At each level, your task is to complete the assigned requirements, such as rescuing animals, collecting candies, or finding items under the ice. Requirements will change flexibly through levels, accompanied by a random arrangement of items on the puzzle board. The images of the items are also very diverse and lovely. So each puzzle challenge is like a new sky, bringing something new every time you start. Enjoy it your way and try to complete the request within the limit of moves.

The puzzle mechanics are not much different from many similar games. Your job is to match the same items horizontally or vertically so that they explode and score points. But you need to combine combos of 3 or more items, the bigger the combo, the higher the score. Besides, you can use support items if you are stuck in a difficult situation. There are quite a few unique items such as marshmallow explosives, gloves, hammers, spoons, and more. They can help swap items or destroy any item to create great combos for you. But support items are not free, you have to accumulate points to unlock them.


Build and design the island

The puzzle levels in Jellipop Match Mod are the basis for you to build your island. With bonuses earned from solving puzzles, you can visit the game’s store and shop for dozens of useful things. It can be a wardrobe, a bed, a wall mural, a dining table, decorative flowers, and more. Arrange them properly to create beautiful areas from the bedroom to the living room, dining room, swimming pool, and outdoor resort. You can also build your own water park with fun water slides to relax in in the summer.

In your journey to build and explore the island, you can meet many funny friends. Bingo is the main character and he is connected with many relationships, be it Alicia, Bella, Becky, and funny pets. New characters will open new exciting stories to lead you on a real adventure. You can also unlock new areas as you level up to satisfy your endless passion for construction and design. Do everything you can to create your dream life on this island paradise and uncover all the mysteries surrounding the pirate theme.


Fun and colorful cartoon graphics

The game will delight you with its lovely and fun cartoon style. The characters in your story are friendly friends with funny expressions and unique costumes. Moreover, the island scene can be extended to infinity with many different areas. They can be renovated with a variety of practical and varied furniture collections. The experience scene is always full of color with exciting items and puzzle boards. It makes for fun puzzle parties and adventures on your phone.

Don’t miss the adventure in Jellipop Match Mod because this is the place to relax. You can fully enjoy a dream summer when you join the fun characters here. There are thousands of puzzles to explore and exciting stories to participate in. Moreover, unleash your creativity to design the tropical island with a variety of luxurious furniture.

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