Jungle Adventures 2 Mod APK 418.0 (Unlimited Bananas)
Jungle Adventures 2 Mod APK 418.0 (Unlimited Bananas)

Jungle Adventures 2 Mod APK 418.0 (Unlimited Bananas)

By TT - December 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD Jungle Adventures 2
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Rendered Ideas
Size 47MB
Version 418.0
MOD Features Unlimited Bananas
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update December 3, 2022 (20 hours ago )

Get ready to go on an endless adventure with an adventurer in Jungle Adventures 2 Mod. It is a journey through mysterious forests with diverse resources and magical spells. Here, you need to complete the assigned tasks to rescue the ravaged forest. You can run, jump, and do somersaults to overcome different obstacles. Moreover, your adventurer can ride the pet to fly instead of running and jumping. Drive your pet wisely to keep your HP and collect as many fruits as you can. A lot of cool things will appear on your journey. But you should be wary of the enemies and defeat them by throwing stones. Are you ready?

Download Jungle Adventures 2 Mod – Adventure and explore the mysterious forest

Jungle Adventures 2 is a classic adventure game with typical role-playing and adventure elements. But it has won awards and attracted millions of players. This game is built with a simple but well-organized plot. It is about the adventurer Addu and his loyal pet, Bullion, on a journey to save the forest from the mad magician. The enemy stole the fruit in the forest and made it dark. By collecting fruits along the way, you will breathe new life into your homeland. Now is the time to do it with talented adventurers. They need your help to go as far as they can and complete all the goals in the journey.


Fun adventurer roleplaying

Continuing the story above, you will play the role of Addu and start an endless adventure journey. That journey consists of many different stages, and at each stage, you will have unique tasks to complete. The first levels are usually quite easy because your task is not difficult. But as you go further, the missions will become more and more difficult and your journey will be longer. Most missions will require you to collect a certain number of fruits to pass the level. Then, in between each stage, you’ll get 4 upgrade choices to gain an advantage in the new journey.

It can be HP supplements, damage from throws, support items such as magnets, watches, high jump shoes, and more. Choose the one that’s right for you and click continue to start your new journey. During the journey, you just need to use the keys on the screen to move. You will click the arrow icons to move left or right or jump high. At the same time, if you collect stones, you can throw them at enemies. Along the way, don’t miss any fruit. You will get support from many friends in the forest, such as floating rocks, grenade-shaped trees, animals, and more. Take advantage of them to jump high and do somersaults in the air like a mighty adventurer.


Diverse map system

The further you go, the more new maps you will have the opportunity to discover in Jungle Adventures 2 Mod. It can be a vast forest with tons of fruits and fun animal and plant friends. But sometimes, you will get lost in mysterious caves in the snowy white area with many serrated blades or the ocean area with giant sharks always chasing from behind. In each place, you will have new challenges that you could not have foreseen. They will test your flexibility and dexterity in every step.

The map world in the game is themed and brings you to many famous places in the world. Get ready to traverse snowy lands or jungles, deserts, and more. Not only contains new challenges and dangers, but the map system also brings new landscapes and friends to explore and accompany. You’ll meet funny seahorses swimming in the ocean, hamsters, buffalo, porcupines, and more as you adventure through the forest. They are sometimes useful to you.


Fun design, rich landscape

Despite possessing low-quality 2D graphics, this game still impresses with its realistic and fun visuals. The character image looks both funny and cool and has super-skillful running, jumping, and acrobatic movements. Besides, the world landscape is extremely rich and dynamically changes in your every step. Soft, playful, and engaging music also contributes to inspiration in the explorer’s long journey.

So, are you ready to conquer Jungle Adventures 2 Mod? It hides many mysteries and fun as it takes you on an endless adventure through many unique areas. Get ready to conquer every danger on your way and collect as many fruits as you can. You will meet many new friends and accompany them on the craziest journeys.

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