Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod APK 2.7.2 (Free Shopping)
Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod APK 2.7.2 (Free Shopping)

Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod APK 2.7.2 (Free Shopping)

By HN - July 2, 2022
Name LMHMOD Just Survive: Raft Survival
Category Adventure
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher ZK Survival Games
Size 93MB
Version 2.7.2
MOD Features Free Shopping
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 2, 2022 (5 months ago )

Enjoy the survival adventure in Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod. This is an action game with an element of adventure. The game is set on a deserted island. With a series of activities going on, you need to perform in order to survive. Here, the only goal is to survive in front of countless dangers. To do that will require a lot of work. At the same time have the opportunity to explore unknown areas of mystery. Along with that, a series of interesting features are waiting ahead. From building to hunting animals, and wild animals. In addition, there are tasks that take place every day. Find ways to survive on the harsh island. Adapt to the vast environment and evolve to sustain life.

Download Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod – Survival On A Deserted Island

Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod belongs to the survival genre, combined with action elements. With a system of quests that take place every day. Every day there is a series of different tasks that need to be done. To be able to sustain life and survive on the harsh island. You need to gather resources and find food. Use equipped weapons as hunting tools. Attack wild animals in the forest for meat. Or use their skins to create a shirt. Over time day and night are alternated in the game. With each new day, there will be more tasks that need to be done. Especially, after spending the first 15 days adapting and developing. Hazards will appear with greater frequency. Causing you to lose your life at any time.Just Survive Raft Survival Mod APK

Crafting weapons and armor

On the vast island of Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod there is a lot to explore. You can gather resources by cutting trees in the forest. Mine rocks to build shelters. At the same time can make weapons to fight and protect themselves. Through resources collected in the process of survival. From there will create many different types of weapons. For example, unique guns such as pistols, rifles, bows, and knives, … There are many other weapons that will be made when there are enough resources. Each type of weapon plays a very important role in the survival process on the island. Not only as a hunting tool but can also be used for combat. Attack enemies you don’t want to meet. Besides, don’t forget to craft armor to enhance defense.Game Just Survive Raft Survival Mod

Hunt animals, maintain health

Maintaining life is one of the most important tasks. Because to be able to survive on the island of Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod. You need to ensure health and fitness to perform activities. In addition to vitality, water and food are two indispensable elements. Through hunting animals such as deer, bear, wolf, and wild boar. And there are many other dangerous animals. There is even the appearance of deadly zombies. Using their meat for food will restore health. Help the character to continue the adventure of survival in harsh environmental conditions. Moreover, you can attack to destroy the enemies. From there will have a chance to get treasure chests. When opened, there may be weapons and valuable items.Download Just Survive Raft Survival Mod

Build shelter

Through resources collected during survival. You can use wood and stone resources to build shelters. In the early stages of Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod will face a lot of difficulties. As well as dangers can strike at any time. Especially when night falls, it takes time to rest. A house will make the character safer from animals. Or bloodthirsty people like scary zombies. Over time, a simple shelter can be built into a large house. Mark your territorial sovereignty on the deserted island. At the same time, due to the harsh environmental conditions. After a period of construction need to maintain and repair. Because it can be degraded, not safe.Tai Just Survive Raft Survival Mod

Just Survive: Raft Survival Mod game simulates graphics in high resolution. Built on a vivid 3D platform. Incorporating the first-person perspective will provide a more realistic experience. In particular, to create a large space on the island. The environment has been carefully designed, with sharp image quality. In order to recreate the actual perspective so that players can feel. Moreover, background music will be played throughout the playing time. At the same time, depending on each activity taking place, the sound will be changed accordingly.

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