League of Tanks APK 2.7.1
League of Tanks APK 2.7.1

League of Tanks APK 2.7.1

By HN - August 10, 2022
Name LMHMOD League of Tanks - Global War
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Surgegame LLC
Size 441MB
Version 2.7.1
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Update August 10, 2022 (4 months ago )

Get ready for army wars in League of Tanks Mod. The game is experienced based on the online mode. Open up extremely fierce battles on the battlefield. The content revolves around the competition between tank machines. The gameplay takes place in the style of real-time combat. When participating, you will compete with many players around the world. Follow the rules and conditions given at each level. Also, explore game modes in different styles. It is necessary to follow and perform the tasks to have a chance to receive rewards. Moreover, this game has improved the difficulties encountered by many similar titles. The slow movement factor is a drawback, which has been improved. Simultaneously simulate many other interesting features.

Download League of Tanks Mod – Online Multiplayer Tank Battle

To recreate the dramatic battles in League of Tanks Mod. The gameplay will take place in real-time. Revolving around online multiplayer competition. Follow that to unleash a team battle, 4vs4 style. Your mission is to coordinate with your teammates to fight the enemy. Control the tank as a combat vehicle. Attack the target and knock it down as many times as possible. Each fight is extended until the end of time. Then go through the number of kills achieved between the two factions. The side with the higher score wins. At the same time, members of that faction will receive attractive rewards. Includes bonus, level-up experience, and tank level-up experience. Over time, when gaining enough experience, it will increase to a new level.League of Tanks Mod

The process takes place, using the item

In the process of controlling tanks on the battlefield of League of Tanks Mod. The simulated map is vast, with many different activities. Recreate complex terrains and dramatic landscapes. Here, every player can take action in their own style. Control the attacking tank according to a smart strategy. Deploy coordination with teammates to increase the win rate. Support each other in the battle to shoot down the enemy. Support items can be used when needed. Use the first aid box to heal when you are about to run out. Or use defensive shields to increase endurance against enemy sieges. Moreover, when absolutely necessary to handle dangerous situations. Use a retrofitted gun with a limited amount of ammo. A flexible attack will help you achieve high efficiency.Game League of Tanks Mod

There are 3 main modes

Currently, League of Tanks Mod has 3 main game modes. Includes team match mode, qualifying mode, and event mode. Each mode opens up battles according to its own gameplay. Use different rules that players must adhere to. In addition to the team match mode introduced above. Team up with teammates, and compete with the opposing team in a real-time 4vs4 battle. Come to the qualifying mode to test your tank control skills. As well as requiring experience to fight the enemy. Win to continue to the next round. Otherwise, if you fail, you will be eliminated and have to end the battle. Finally, the event mode with many attractive rewards is waiting. Compete against other online players. Overcome them by controlling the tank to destroy and become the champion.Tai League of Tanks Mod

System of tanks, weapons

League of Tanks Mod owns a diverse collection of tanks. There are many different types, they are all inspired by reality. Realistic design, with a variety of attack styles. Simultaneously divided into many segments, in order from T1 to T5. Some unique tanks can be mentioned. Typical such as Barton, Dictator, Land King, Black Knight, and Killer Bee, … There are many other types of tanks for you to explore. For example armored tanks, light tanks, and medium and heavy tanks. Their capabilities are expressed through parameters. Includes damage dealt with each time you fire. Ability to defend against attacks from enemies. Range of fire on the battlefield and movement speed. It is even possible to view many other parameters in detail. Along with that, there are many types of guns that can be equipped. For example Minigun, Strategic Bomber, and Laser Tower.Download League of Tanks Mod

Through tank battles in League of Tanks Mod. Or complete different quests. For example, win a match. Join the fight the required number of times. From there it is possible to get a lot of bonuses to use trading. Moreover, there are many different ways to earn more money. For example, get a daily login bonus with the amount increasing day by day. Join the wheel of fortune to randomly receive a large number of bonuses. Or overcome challenges in event mode for a chance to collect many valuable items.

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