Little Big Snake Mod APK 2.6.73 (Menu, VIP Unlocked)
Little Big Snake Mod APK 2.6.73 (Menu, VIP Unlocked)

Little Big Snake Mod APK 2.6.73 (Menu, VIP Unlocked)

By HN - November 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Little Big Snake
Category Casual
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Addicting Games Inc
Size 103MB
Version 2.6.73
MOD Features Menu, VIP Unlocked
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Update November 30, 2022 (5 days ago )

Fun entertainment in the Casual game from the developer Addicting Games Inc. Come to Little Big Snake Mod to enjoy exciting moments. With a theme inspired by snakes. The content of the game revolves around the hunt between snakes. Set in a vast land. Unlock a variety of different hunting activities. In particular, you can play the game through two modes. With the goal of becoming a giant snake. This is a game designed in the Io style. Exclusively for mobile devices. With so many unique features on offer. The graphics system is built vividly. Until the control mechanism is designed to be intuitive.

Download Little Big Snake Mod – Compete With Other Snakes In The Hunt

The gameplay of Little Big Snake Mod takes place on the ground. With a vastly designed context. You can control the snake to crawl freely in search of prey. Not alone, here will have to compete with other snakes. They are controlled by online players or by intelligent AI. Each hunt lasts until you bite the body of other snakes. Then, based on the achievements gained during the hunt. You will receive a reward of gold coins. Can be used to unlock new snakes. Continue to start a new hunt. Will be competing with many other snakes. Also, have a chance to get bigger rewards than before. By achieving better results than previous hunts.Little Big Snake Mod

The process of hunting

Compete with other snakes in the hunt of Little Big Snake Mod. To be able to kill them, eliminate predatory opponents. You will have to crawl intelligently. Make them collide with your snake body. However, the hunt will follow a gradual development process. In the early stages, your snake is quite small. But over time survival in the ground. Through foraging for self-development. Then the body size will increase. Become a giant snake, possessing a long body. Besides, you need to pay attention to other snakes. If they collide with their bodies, they will lose their lives. Even though the snake is small, its size is many times smaller. Also causes your snake to lose its life, which means the hunt will have to end soon.Game Little Big Snake Mod

Looking for food

During the hunt in Little Big Snake Mod. To grow snake size. You need to crawl in search of nectar. Hunt other creatures, which are insects. It also eats energy left behind by other snakes after losing their lives. Each type of food can be found in different ways. In addition to slithering freely to eat nectar appearing on the map. You can slither smartly to kill other snakes. Through that will eat energy, there is also a chance to receive items like magnets. In parallel, insects can attack directly. However, they move constantly, creating certain difficulties. To increase your ability to hunt, you can use special energy. Help the snake increase its crawling speed for a short period of time.Tai Little Big Snake Mod

Unlock many snake species

Accumulate bonuses received after each hunt ends. You can use them to unlock new snakes. Little Big Snake Mod owns a system of diverse snake species. Some species can be mentioned such as green snakes, snakes with thorns on the body snake with scales, … There are many other snake species to be discovered. They are all designed in different styles. The difference is not only in the color and style of the body. But also the difference in the beginning. Each snake species is extremely impressively shaped. Brings you a whole new experience. However, the money to buy a snake is not cheap. You will have to accumulate through many hunts. Unlock each snake in turn, gradually owning a rich collection of snakes.Download Little Big Snake Mod

As introduced earlier, Little Big Snake Mod has two modes. Includes single-player mode and team mode. Each mode is designed with different gameplay. With requirements and regulations in place, you need to comply. Single-player mode opens up the exciting hunt. You will control the snake to slither to hunt alone. Compete with other snakes to grow in size. Besides, the team mode requires solidarity. Can play with friends on the hunt. Work with them to create a clever strategy. Make other snakes have no way to move. From there quickly kill them to eat energy.

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