Mario Kart Tour APK 2.14.0
Mario Kart Tour APK 2.14.0

Mario Kart Tour APK 2.14.0

By HN - August 9, 2022
Name LMHMOD Mario Kart Tour
Category Racing
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Size 127MB
Version 2.14.0
Get It On APK Google Play
Update August 9, 2022 (4 months ago )

Challenge your racing skills in Mario Kart Tour Mod game. This is a brand new game. The content revolves around car races inspired by Mario cartoons. With online multiplayer style participation. Unleash the dramatic and fun races in the Mario world. The racing map is a combination of two elements, including real-life environments and the classic Mario Kart course. Promises to bring extremely attractive competition. Through it, you will be traveling around the world with friends. Have the opportunity to meet players from many different countries. Especially, at the request of the publisher. The game requires an internet connection and a Nintendo account. As well as the need to make sure your mobile device must have a compatible configuration to play more stable.

Download Mario Kart Tour Mod – Multiplayer Race In Live Environment

Racing in Mario Kart Tour Mod takes place in online multiplayer. Play as a character in Mario to compete with other players. Each race can compete with up to 7 riders. The vast map was designed according to challenging routes. Similar gameplay to other racing games. The goal of every driver is to reach the finish line with the top position on the leaderboard. From there win convincingly to demonstrate skill. At the same time receive attractive rewards from the system. Includes gold coins that can be used in trading activities. As well as experience points to increase the progress of characters, vehicles, and equipment. Then you can continue to enter a new race. Meet and compete with other racers to compete.Mario Kart Tour Mod

Environment, terrain, stunts

Each car race in Mario Kart Tour Mod is recreated according to a unique map. With an impressive design of the surrounding environment. As well as the winding terrain, with complicated bends and turns. In addition to the races on the road, in the mountains. You also have the opportunity to race under the sea, and explore the vivid flora in the water. Moreover, whether competing in races in any environment. The terrain is one of the biggest hindering factors. But they will bring advantages if they know how to use them effectively. Through your control skills to pass. Perform stunts such as 360-degree horizontal rotation in the air. Or acrobatics and drift at high speed. To win with excellent performance, lead the leaderboard. Requires agile observation, combined with miniature map tracking.Game Mario Kart Tour Mod

Attack items

During racing compete with other players at Mario Kart Tour Mod. Lots of different items for you to use. Through driving collect gift boxes appear at several locations. Then will receive 3 random items. Typical such as green turtle shell, red turtle shell, mushroom, time bomb, banana, … and many more. Especially when randomly receiving 3 of the same items. You will have the system activate Frenzy mode. With the ability to provide an item for unlimited use. But this mode can only last for a short period of time. Each item type has its own unique ability. For example, the green turtle shell will attack backward. The red turtle shell can be thrown forward to make the opponent lose control. Or the mushroom will gain maximum speed for a certain amount of time.Download Mario Kart Tour Mod

Many racing characters

To diversify the gameplay, increase the experience when participating in Mario Kart Tour Mod. You can role-play as many different racing characters. They are all Mario-inspired characters. Typical are the green dinosaur, the mushroom elf, the Mario character, and the spiny dinosaur. There are a number of other unique characters that will be discovered when participating. The appearance of each character is impressively designed. Based on the animation style, the reproduction is extremely vivid. Moreover, each character owns a different vehicle and parachute equipment. They have very different colors and performances. If you want to unlock to become a favorite racer. You will need to use your accumulated funds to trade.Mario Kart Tour Mod

Performance in each race at Mario Kart Tour Mod is rated by the number of stars. Each star will correspond to a certain number of points. Based on the number of points achieved during the race. From there will complete the task with the corresponding achievement. The same amount was collected during racing. They appear scattered throughout the race. Don’t miss and collect as many as you can. Bonus combinations are received based on individual ratings. From there, they will accumulate to use in trading activities. At the same time, the character, parachute, and racing vehicle will receive experience points. When accumulated enough will increase to a new level, and the racing ability will be more outstanding.

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