Murder Hornet Mod APK {{version}} (Free Upgrade)
Murder Hornet Mod APK {{version}} (Free Upgrade)

Murder Hornet Mod APK {{version}} (Free Upgrade)

By TT - July 7, 2022
Name LMHMOD Murder Hornet
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 118MB
Version 1.1.26
MOD Features Free Upgrade
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update July 7, 2022 (5 months ago )

Murder Hornet Mod brings you dozens of fun levels with idle gameplay mechanics. You will be the one who directs the bees with the goal of attacking and killing humans. Your goal is to make the most annoying stings for humans everywhere for a well-deserved bounty. You can start with one bee and then a whole swarm of poisonous wasps. Expand your forces and upgrade important stats to create a true rage that humans dread. Moreover, invest your bounty in building your hive and army of bees. A bee empire will be formed and bring you to all regions of the world. People who love to jump and run will not make it difficult to determine your goal.

Download Murder Hornet Mod – Lead bees and become a human obsession

Now it’s time for bees to rule the world in Murder Hornet. The game allows you to become the leader of a swarm of bees and spread fear throughout the human world. It is built with such a fun context, accompanied by super idle gameplay mechanics. Thanks to that, the game quickly became loved by millions of players on mobile. You can start it now on the first level with a bee and a single target. The challenges will become more and more difficult but come with bigger rewards. Moreover, you can build and grow your hive over time to bring joy to the bees. Imagine you are the queen bee and this is your journey.


Simple gameplay mechanics

So far, the game has hundreds of levels. At each level, your task is to create nasty stings on people. To do this, you just need to touch the screen and swipe to control the bee in the left and right directions. But you need to control wisely so that the bee swarm is targeted and has the best stings. There are no regulations that force you to inject where. Look for the best place to give the injection, be it the head, neck, arms, legs, or abdomen. The wider the area, the easier it is to hit the target. Try to make a sting with in one go to earn a big bonus. After completing a level, you can unlock new levels with more fun.

At higher levels, you will have more targets to destroy. Moreover, your target will not stand still but they always run, jump, and move flexibly. Targeting also becomes more difficult, reducing the accuracy rate of each sting. So you have to move smarter and have to upgrade your swarm to get the stronger sting and fly faster. As the level progresses, you also have the opportunity to explore many unique backgrounds. It can be beach areas, houses, parks, caves, and more. You can spread the fear of poisonous bees everywhere and become a real human plague.


Upgrade and unlock in the store

Over time, you need to spend money to upgrade the bees and hive. There are two important stats to upgrade in Murder Hornet Mod, which are speed and sting. By upgrading, you will improve the flight speed and launch force of the bees to increase the accuracy rate, thereby earning even more money. Besides, you can unlock more bees to create a swarm and attack on a large scale when there are multiple targets at the same time on each level. If you love the new, unlock new skins for bees or new species of bees. You can even find super cool-looking queen bees here.

Besides, make an effort to build your hive into the most livable place for the bees. You can unlock unique furniture items such as beds, tables, chairs, paintings, decorative flowers, and more. Over time, the hive will get bigger and more beautiful. Then, you can recruit dozens of bees to create a real bee empire. And don’t leave your bees at home. Take them with you to hunt down and eliminate hateful targets.


Simple and fun 3D design

Although quite simple, the game’s 3D graphics also impress quite well. It owns a fun and realistic cartoon design style, bringing closeness to every player. Moreover, the sound of the bees and the background music is equally lively. The game context is diverse and changes flexibly through the levels. People with their unique appearance and funny dance moves will also inspire you to relax.


So, are you ready to become the queen bee in Murder Hornet Mod? Let’s create the greatest terrible rage in history to let people know the danger of the bees. Move the bees your way and create the best quality stings to eliminate the target. Their funny expressions and screams are your inspiration.

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