MX Player Mod APK 1.54.6 (Unlocked Pro)
MX Player Mod APK 1.54.6 (Unlocked Pro)

MX Player Mod APK 1.54.6 (Unlocked Pro)

By TT - December 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD MX Player
Category Photo & Video
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Size 61MB
Version 1.54.6
MOD Features Unlocked Pro
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update December 3, 2022 (20 hours ago )

Are you in need of the best video player to watch movies anytime and anywhere? MX Player Mod is an application that you should not miss. This application supports video playback with many outstanding features, such as hardware acceleration, performance improvement, video quality by multi-core decoding, enabling video zoom, subtitle support, and more. As such, you can use it as an external video player for leading movie applications. It offers better video quality and convenient customization possibilities. Furthermore, you can use the child lock to manage the video-viewing experience of young children.

Download MX Player Mod – Video player with many useful features

Watching videos on phones has become extremely popular these days. But the video quality on this device is not comparable to when viewed on devices with large screens and high resolutions. MX Player was released to solve this problem. It possesses many outstanding features to improve video quality and increase speed and sensitivity for operations. At the same time, it provides advanced subtitles, making your video enjoyment more convenient.


Outstanding features

These are the things that make this app different from regular video players.

Hardware acceleration and multi-core processing: This application provides a new hardware decoder, thereby allowing multiple videos to be accelerated at the same time. With hardware acceleration, picture and sound quality are significantly improved. As a result, it provides a better video viewing experience than when you watch it on regular movie applications. In addition, it is also the first video player to support multi-core decoding. This feature increases performance by up to 70%. In other words, videos played on this app are loaded faster. Commands are also executed faster and more responsively.

Allows advanced customization: You will have many convenient processing operations for videos on this application. Specifically, you can easily zoom in or out of the video, move the video, increase/decrease the brightness and volume, etc. In particular, you only need a few basic operations to do it. For example, just swipe up or down the left side of the screen to increase/decrease the brightness; swipe up/down right to increase/decrease volume; swipe left/right to move video position; Use two fingers to zoom in/out the video.

Subtitle support: MX Player Mod provides subtitles for videos in many different languages. These include the most popular languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, German, etc. Besides, you have the right to scroll forward/backward, up/down, and zoom in/out the subtitles as you like.

Control the actions of young children: Managing the actions of young children on the phone is not easy. But this app allows you to use a “child lock”. This feature will block actions that affect the screen to not execute arbitrary commands. As a result, the video viewing process becomes smooth because there are no actions that affect the video player.


Allow access

To work well on your phone, the app will ask you to allow certain access permissions. Detail:

  • Permission to “Connect to Bluetooth”: allows you to watch videos with Bluetooth headphones or speakers for better sound quality.
  • Permission to “disable screen lock” and “control vibration”: ensure that the video viewing process is not interrupted by other tasks.
  • Permission to “draw other applications”: helps to skip keystrokes on the video playback screen.


Manage your experience

Your experience with this application will be perfect when properly organized and managed. Therefore, you should take advantage of the directories here to create a list of movies by theme. Specifically, you can create movie folders with themes of animation, sci-fi, action, comedy, etc. Or you should add another folder containing music videos or any other video genre. When downloading any video, just add it to the appropriate folder. Thanks to that, you can search and access videos quickly.


What does the Pro version have?

With the Pro version, this app gives you more premium features. Specifically, you can enjoy the video player all the time without ads. Besides, the application will remove some unnecessary subtitles in many languages. You have the right to keep the subtitle version in the language you want. As a result, the capacity of this application will be significantly reduced, helping the device free up memory. Enjoy these Pro features after downloading this app at the link in this article.

Do not hesitate to download MX Player Mod if you need to watch videos regularly on your phone. This application will make your entertainment process smoother, faster, and more professional. Now you can watch videos of higher quality and with more subtitles support. Moreover, the process of watching videos is not interrupted by extraneous operations. Customizing videos and subtitles also make the video viewing experience more convenient.

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