My Singing Monsters Mod APK 3.5.0 (No Ads)
My Singing Monsters Mod APK 3.5.0 (No Ads)

My Singing Monsters Mod APK 3.5.0 (No Ads)

By TT - June 17, 2022
Name LMHMOD My Singing Monsters
Category Mucsic
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Big Blue Bubble
Size 136MB
Version 3.5.0
MOD Features No Ads
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Update June 17, 2022 (6 months ago )

Welcome to My Singing Monsters Mod, the magical music world of monsters. It is a simple game, but addictive because of its delicate drawings and soft, playful music. Your job is simply to collect monsters, feed them and listen to them sing. Each monster will have the ability to sing many different tunes. And when they are combined, they create harmonious music. It’s something that helps you relax all the time. So play hard to hunt for lots of unique monsters, build your monster island and make music without lute or singing. You can share a creation with world friends, upgrade non-stop and create infinitely. Customize your monster lineup to create your favorite music. Then you can turn it on wherever you are. (The Toan)

Download My Singing Monsters Mod – Raise monsters and make music

In the first play, you may think that My Singing Monsters is similar to the game catch animals like Pokemon. Basically, it also builds on that gameplay. However, the other half of the game is different and new. Instead of collecting animals and having battles, you just collect monsters and listen to them sing. Yes, you will create an island of your own monsters, customizing them to make music. There is no element of violence or action here, but the appeal of the game is not small at all. You will play as a talented artist, able to train animals and create music. Is that too easy? As the monsters grow, the music can be chaotic. Fix each mistake in the music and make it perfect. Besides, don’t hesitate to create music your way.


Simple but creative gameplay

Just click on the screen to play, it’s too easy for anyone to reach this game. Moreover, the game will provide specific instructions when you play the game for the first time. And you will be free to experience it after completing the short tutorial. Basically, your mission is to collect monsters and bring them back to the island. Remember to feed them well and discover the strange music in their voices. Your island will become more and more crowded with many new characters. Then you need to think of a new strategy to control it all. If you place too many characters on the island, they can create difficult tunes. But that’s okay, you can turn off the sound of any monster. And gradually change the tunes to your liking.

Besides, you also have the task of redesigning your island. Look for beautiful decorations and place them in different locations on the island. It can be a vase, a gem, gems, ancient statues, flowers, and more. But you will need to pay to unlock them. Money earned from quests you complete or music you create. Do everything you can to make the monster’s abode come alive in your own way. Moreover, do not hesitate to expand the island to many new locations and create a richer monster population every day in My Singing Monsters Mod.


Explore a unique collection of monsters

Currently, the game offers a collection of more than 150 different monster species. They have a strange shape, a little horror, a little humor, and love. It can be a singing stone, a mutant rabbit, old trees, fish, frogs, starfish, robots, and more. They’ve all been creatively altered, so you don’t seem to recognize their original form. Each monster will have a different voice with its own distinct pitch and bass. Therefore, it is very easy for you to create different music by combining monsters. Be creative your way and share it with everyone.


Simple design, playful music

In general, the design style of the game is nothing too new. It has a classic beauty with rather crude images. However, the cast of monsters is vividly depicted with many strange shapes, voices, and many expressions. Therefore, they are really the highlight of this game, keeping you hooked. The game context is quite simple but also full of colors, creating a friendly and close feeling. Moreover, music is the best with harmonious melodies, sometimes lively, sometimes light, and joyful. It makes your experience unrestricted and limited, but always full of opportunities to be creative and stimulate excitement.

Music is always the best thing to help us relax all the time. And My Singing Monsters Mod will bring that to you. You are free to design your own music from a unique cast of monsters. Customize your island to grow monster populations, opening up opportunities to compose and enjoy a variety of music. Don’t miss this game, it’s now available for free to download to your phone here.

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