My Success Story Mod APK 2.1.21 (Unlimited Money)
My Success Story Mod APK 2.1.21 (Unlimited Money)

My Success Story Mod APK 2.1.21 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - August 9, 2022
Name LMHMOD My Success Story
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Rodan mobile Kft
Size 76MB
Version 2.1.21
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update August 9, 2022 (4 months ago )

My Success Story Mod is a life simulation game on 2D graphics. It is a place for you to build your virtual life with decisions and choices. Coming up from the poorest, you need to make wise choices to become rich and successful. Find ways to build your personal brand, ensure health and happiness, and get rich as quickly as possible. After you have a rich and prosperous life, think about getting married. You also decide who your lover is, how many children your family has and what they deserve. This game also gives you a variety of vehicles to choose from. If you have a lot of money, a classic car that costs millions of dollars won’t matter. Would you like a life like that?

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What do you think your life will be like? That’s the question this game poses to you. It details a guy’s life-building journey from the moment he had only $1 in his pocket to become a rich tycoon. It is a long journey, going through many stages and requiring the wisest choices to get the desired results. While it’s only a simulator, this game considers many realistic elements to include in your experience. It is just as real as real life when simulating your entire journey in many aspects, from health issues to education, finances, family, and more. So it will really engage you for hours of play.


Build a personal image

Basically, the game content consists of two main parts, personal life, and social relations. We will explore the first part now. You’ll start with $1 in your pocket with the company of an adorable dog. You will decide what to buy with that money or use it to accumulate, invest… However, consider the survival factor first. Of course, you and your dog need food, water, and shelter. You’re living in a cramped dorm room, but at least it’s a bargain. Choose between continuing your studies to graduate or taking a break and looking for another career opportunity. This is one of the decisive decisions, creating a turning point in your life.

If you graduate and go to work, you can’t get into a high position right away. Be patient work hard, earn money to spend on living, and don’t forget to accumulate. Over time, as your qualifications improve, you can get promoted and even sit in the CEO position. Besides, you have the right to decide on your salary amount. Will you accumulate it or join the casino or bet on the stock market? That is up to you. And your decision will make you richer or nothing. So think carefully before choosing.


Decide on the surrounding relationships

Coming to part two of My Success Story Mod, you will be the one to decide your relationships. Specifically, from choosing a career, you also indirectly choose the objects of your colleagues and the working environment around you. You will meet many close friends and even find a lover among them. But you have the choice between just hanging out with someone or going straight to marriage. Once married, you can choose between having children or not. And of course, you are in charge of financial matters in the family. Decide what you’re going to buy, between a pram or a luxury vintage car?

Besides, you and your family can move to a villa or travel around the world. As long as you have enough money, there is no shortage of things to satisfy you. Once you have a family, don’t forget that you should always be looking for ways to upgrade your finances. Furthermore, think about buying an island for tourism investment or betting more on stocks. You can do anything, as long as you take care of your two most important factors which are health and fun. This is no different from real life.


Vivid and realistic 2D design

Although not designed with 3D graphics, this game still impresses with its realistic and vivid 2D design. Character images, backgrounds, and other details are all quite sharp. All information and selections are visually displayed on the screen. Just one click to make a decision. The background is always bright, the music is also very upbeat. So this emulator is really easy to play and has a relaxing effect for gamers.


My Success Story Mod describes a very realistic story of getting rich. There, you have the power to decide everything to build the virtual life of your dreams. Make wise choices to become successful, rich, and happy. Rather, you will have a fulfilling life that many people dream of, are you excited about that?

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