Ninja Hands Mod APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, No Ads)
Ninja Hands Mod APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, No Ads)

Ninja Hands Mod APK {{version}} (Unlimited Money, Unlocked, No Ads)

By TT - June 16, 2022
Name LMHMOD Ninja Hands
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Yso Corp
Size 78MB
Version 0.3.1
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked, No Ads
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update June 16, 2022 (6 months ago )

Ninja Hands Mod is a fun action game with super simple gameplay mechanics. You will play as a ninja and have a mission to rescue innocent people from bad guys. But there is no need to participate in intense and cumbersome battles, you just need to click the skill icons to act. Your ninja acts according to the skill combos available on the screen. And you will feel those moves vividly in the first person. Each battle takes place right on the vertical screen of the phone. The visuals are friendly and adorable, and the music is also super playful. So even if you are a new player, this game is always the right choice for you to relax all the time.

Download Ninja Hands Mod – Act like a real ninja

Forget about complicated action or strategy games for a while, Ninja Hands is the place to relax with idle gameplay. Your job is to click to play, that’s all. But this game has attracted millions of players around the globe. The attraction of the game comes from the simple but fun gameplay. Besides, it brings a unique skill combo system to unlock, inspiring you to explore for a long time. Moreover, the game includes hundreds of different levels from easy to difficult. The enemy system is more and more diverse, creating escalating challenges to test your bravery and strategy. The gameplay is simple but can you conquer it?


Use skills to act

As a ninja, your mission is to rescue innocent girls and people from evil kidnappers. To do that, you need to master ninja skills. It can be sword attacks, power from electricity, fire, water, and more. Just click on the corresponding skill cards on the screen to deploy those moves. But you need to click continuously once to create effective combos. You can combine many skills in the most reasonable way to maximize damage to enemies. At each level, there are dozens of different enemies. So, think of a way to attack to finish them all with the least number of combos. If you pass the level, you have the right to go to new levels to discover new challenges.

The levels will have increasing difficulty over time. Enemies are getting bigger, bigger, and equipped with more modern weapons. Therefore, you need to upgrade your ninja from time to time to gain an advantage. Moreover, you should know how to take advantage of the terrain to deploy effective moves. You can shoot at wooden barrels, oil barrels, or other objects to create large explosions, thereby helping to destroy multiple targets. Or you can hide, raid and do many more as long as you protect your HP and finish all enemies. For enemies that can move and use weapons, you should act quickly and decisively.


Unlock new skills, maps, and enemies

Ninja Hands Mod gives you hundreds of different skills to unlock and use. But in each fight, you only have the right to use up to 4 skills and have the right to combine them in many ways. Therefore, choose the appropriate skills to combine. Moreover, save your bonus to unlock more. With a rich skill collection, you can freely create offensive moves. From there, you will easily act flexibly and fight with many types of enemies from weak to strong.

The enemy system also affects your strategy. If they’re slow, you’ll have plenty of time to compute. But sometimes, they will move quickly and come towards you with weapons in hand. They can wield spears, swords, knives, or can use magic. Therefore, you need to change your attack strategy for each type of enemy. Don’t let them get too close or you’ll have to start over. In particular, over time, you also unlock many new maps. Each map has its own terrain and landscape form, creating inspiration and freshness.


Fun design, bright background

The game can make you excited at first sight. Because it is designed on 3D graphics with funny and super funny cartoon design. It brings character images with vivid actions and diverse expressions. The ninja’s moves are also quite smooth. Moreover, from the first-person perspective, the game gives a very realistic role-playing feeling. You will feel like you are actually deploying your skills and fighting. The effects from each skill will captivate you with eye-catching effects.

All in all, Ninja Hands Mod is a simple but addictive game. It is no coincidence that millions of gamers enjoy this game. Come here and test your agility to defeat all enemies with unique moves. There are dozens of skills to combine and deploy to make enemies explode. You will have to be excited by the eye-catching and fun effects of each move.

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