Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod APK 1.0.12 (Menu, No Cooldown, Mana, CD, XP)
Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod APK 1.0.12 (Menu, No Cooldown, Mana, CD, XP)

Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod APK 1.0.12 (Menu, No Cooldown, Mana, CD, XP)

By HN - November 28, 2022
Name LMHMOD Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG
Category Role Playing
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Iterative Studios
Size 108MB
Version 1.0.12
MOD Features Menu, No Cooldown, Mana, CD, XP
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update November 28, 2022 (6 days ago )

The idle RPG genre always gives players a hands-free experience. But at the same time, there are growth tasks that need to be done. Here, when participating in the game Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod. You will be exploring a vast world full of challenges. Face the monsters, and demons to survive. As well as performing assigned tasks to conquer challenges. Prove yourself as a powerful hero. Promises to open a fascinating adventure in the dark world. A series of attractive features are waiting for you to discover. Many different characters for you to choose from and role-play. Fight many dangerous enemies to collect loot. Find items to craft to increase strength. Uniquely simulated graphics and sound effects.

Download Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod – Hero Role Playing To Join The Wars

Before starting the battle in Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod. You can choose to role-play as a hero in your desired style. Including powerful warriors, agile hunters, and talented magicians. Each character possesses unique fighting abilities. The difference between them is shown in skills, attributes, and attack styles. The warrior possesses superior melee attack ability. With impressive skills, it is possible to create massive physical damage. Hunter with the advantage of ranged attack. Use the bow as a combat weapon. Can destroy enemies within a certain range. Finally, a magician possesses magical powers. Attack enemies with unique moves. Besides, you can also customize the attribute for the hero.Nordicandia- Semi Idle RPG Mod

Idle gameplay

After impersonating a hero, you can start the quest. Based on the idle gameplay of Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod. In the course of the battle to perform the task. Heroes can automatically search for targets to attack. You don’t need to interfere with the combat system. Because then it will be supported by AI control. However, for better effect in battle. You can touch to move the hero to many other locations. Combine using skills to help heroes attack more powerfully. Can defeat enemies quickly to end the match. Or use potions, and support items to restore health and energy. From there will increase the survival rate to continue fighting. At the same time, it is necessary to attack according to a suitable strategy. Because many dangerous challenges are waiting ahead.Tai Nordicandia- Semi Idle RPG Mod

Develop strength

Face increasingly difficult challenges in Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod. You will have to develop the strength of the hero to increase his fighting ability. Equip new armor, and weapons to improve strength. Each type of equipment will carry its own outstanding parameters. You need to learn to be able to choose the right one. A full combination of equipment will help the hero overcome difficult challenges. Also, use the collected loot to craft. Through the blacksmith to forge powerful equipment. Or take apart previously crafted items. Continue to use to merge into new equipment. Besides, it is necessary to add skill points to increase combat power. Depends on your style and playstyle. Active or passive skill points can be added.Download Nordicandia- Semi Idle RPG Mod

Facing many enemies

In the battles of Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod. The hero will face a lot of different enemies. For example beasts, dragons, demons, orcs,… and many more. Each enemy possesses superior combat ability. Bring your own unique attack style. At the same time, the difference between them is also reflected in their appearance. Brings a scary look, hidden death. If you are not careful, the hero will surely have their life taken away. Not stopping there, sometimes you also have to face the boss. Those are powerful bosses, with the ability to surpass ordinary enemies. From the amount of health, defense ability to attack power. Every stat is bigger, making it more difficult for you. To defeat requires the hero’s strength to be large enough.Game Nordicandia- Semi Idle RPG Mod

Currently, Nordicandia: Semi Idle RPG Mod has 2 main game modes. Includes multiplayer online mode and offline mode. Each mode opens up battles in its own style. No matter which model you participate in, you must abide by the rules set forth. Coming to offline mode can play for free. Quest against monsters, no support from teammates. Conversely, participate in the online mode for a chance to compete with other players. Win against all opponents to climb the leaderboard.

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