Once Upon a Tower Mod APK 42 (Menu, God mode/Unlimited revives, bombs)
Once Upon a Tower Mod APK 42 (Menu, God mode/Unlimited revives, bombs)

Once Upon a Tower Mod APK 42 (Menu, God mode/Unlimited revives, bombs)

By TT - August 5, 2022
Name LMHMOD Once Upon a Tower
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Pomelo Games
Size 63MB
Version 42
MOD Features Menu, God mode/Unlimited revives, bombs
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Update August 5, 2022 (4 months ago )

Once Upon a Tower Mod is a fast-paced action game with simple mechanics and friendly visuals. Join the game, you will play as a princess trying to escape the endless tower and the guardian of the legendary dragon. With the hammer in hand, you will act on your own instead of waiting for the knight to come to the rescue. Show your strength through powerful hammer blows and the support of precious items along the way. Your enemies are dragon minions, traps, and more. If you make a mistake, get ready to play again from the top floor of the tower. This is an endless action and inspirational journey, are you ready to fight?

Download Once Upon a Tower Mod – Endless battle journey in the tower

Remember the story of the ancient princess, knight, and dragon? Now you’ll discover that story again, but in a new way like never before. At the beginning of the game, it is still the usual episode. The princess was captured by the fire dragon and imprisoned in its tower. The knight came to save the princess but was unfortunately killed. Therefore, no one can wait any longer, with the sledgehammer left behind by the knight, the princess will rescue herself. She will have to go through many different floors in the tower until she finds a way out to freedom. And you will accompany the princess from now on. A difficult journey is waiting for you ahead.


Play as a princess and fight dragons

As such, the game opened up a new direction for the typical fairy tale. Thanks to that, it will bring you an epic and new adventure journey. Like an endless-run title, there is no clear level system in this game. But you will have to pass each floor of the tower to get to the lower floors. On each floor, your task is to dig the passage with a sledgehammer. At the same time, you will have to fight against the strange creatures in the tower as well as the sudden rampage of the fire dragon. Just swipe and click on the screen to do it. But you need to act wisely and quickly. Every time you go a little further, you will get certain bonuses as loot. Try to earn as many gold coins as you can in your battle journey.

If unfortunately fails at any point in the journey, your princess will start over from the starting line (top floor of the tower). However, on each return, you will see everything different from the enemy system to their location and more. So no matter how many times you return, your journey is always fresh and inspiring. You don’t need to be online to play so you’re not bothered by ads. What you need to do is keep up with the fast-paced action and enjoy the mini-fights. Bats flying around the tower or poisonous frogs, thorn traps, small fire-breathing dragons and more are challenges for you.


Enjoy the increasingly difficult challenge

As you descend to the lower floors of the tower, you will find things getting more and more difficult. Once Upon a Tower Mod will challenge your perseverance and progress in both skill and action strategy. You will encounter more traps and more enemies and go at a faster pace. So if you’re slow, you’ll probably have to start over several times. However, when the difficulty is greater, you also get more support items. You will encounter them on your way down the floors of the tower. And choose the right one to enhance the power of the princess.

The items are usually shields, potions, and items that increase damage or speed … But you can only choose one of the 3 support items when you encounter them on the way. If you choose a shield, you’ll gain a shield around you to immunize all attacks from enemies. If you choose more damage, you can easily kill enemies with a hammer blow or simply step on them. Your job is to be flexible with the action style to go as far as you can and record records in this game.


Simple and fun design

The game impresses with its humorous and friendly visual style. Therefore, it becomes suitable for the interests of the majority of gamers, including children. You will meet the legendary princess and dragon from the fairy tale but in a new form. Princess also has many unique skins like a knight, ninja, and more. While the creatures in the tower are extremely diverse with different shapes and ways of attack. Besides, the combat effects are also very eye-catching and smooth.

Overall, Once Upon a Tower Mod is a great action game. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the fairy tale in a fun new way. Get ready to play the princess and save yourself from the castle of the evil dragon. Don’t stop until you find your way to freedom. With a hammer in hand and many special skills, you can do it all to achieve high scores and challenge your friends.

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