One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod APK 1.8.3 (Unlocked All)
One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod APK 1.8.3 (Unlocked All)

One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod APK 1.8.3 (Unlocked All)

By HN - July 20, 2022
Name LMHMOD One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak
Category Puzzle
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher RTU Studio
Size 32MB
Version 1.8.3
MOD Features Unlocked All
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Update July 20, 2022 (5 months ago )

Continue the prison escape series in the second version of One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod. The plot of the game remains the same as its predecessor. Revolving around the character Tommy in the journey to escape from prison. Find a way to escape from the prison where he is being held. This version has many new improvements. Finding a way to escape seemed like an impossible task. Because of the upgraded security system, the density of traps is increased. Along with the strict guard of the sheriff. The appearance of wasps in the prison, large numbers. Now, to find freedom for me. The guy Tommy will have to struggle, and overcome dangerous challenges. Use intelligence to conquer obstacles. From there safely leave the prison to be free.

Download One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod – Accompany Tommy Boy to Get Out of Jail

Compared to the previous version. The mission of One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod has changed. Difficulty increased more challenging challenges. There are more than 180 levels for you to experience. Each level opens up a prison terrain with deadly traps. Especially the appearance of thorn traps, which are scattered everywhere. Make it difficult for the character to move. Play as the character Tommy to find a way out of the prison. Your goal is to find the keys. Then use it to unlock the iron gate. Complete the mission to leave the prison. Soon the system will move to a new level. The game is a puzzle-style game. The gameplay is extremely simple, the only task you need to perform is to escape the prison. So there will be no reward received after finishing a level.Game One Level 2- Stickman Jailbreak Mod

The challenge increases with each level

The mission system according to each level of play will bring you an interesting experience. Every time you step into a new level in One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod. The difficulty will increase, with more difficult challenges than before. Not only the terrain will be changed more complex. But there are also many more obstacles and dangerous traps. If you accidentally touch it, you will lose your life. Not stopping there, going to higher levels. Not only Tommy guy who escaped from prison. But there will be other escapees. Your task in turn leads each person to overcome obstacles. After successfully helping everyone get out of prison. From there will complete the mission to continue to the new level. Through that process, you will improve your skills and gain more experience.Tai One Level 2- Stickman Jailbreak Mod

Puzzle skills

There is no support from anyone or using suggestions from the system. During the prison break at One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod will only rely on yourself. Therefore, experience and skills are two very important factors. Indispensable in the journey to regain freedom. It can even be said that skill is the main factor that determines the outcome. Therefore, as time goes on, it is necessary to constantly improve the skill. Observe the rugged terrain in the prison. The appearance of pitfalls, movement of obstacles. From there flexibly move to dodge. Try not to hit any traps. Combine the collection of keys to open the door. After moving through the last location to leave the prison. The mission will be complete, and you will prove yourself.Download One Level 2- Stickman Jailbreak Mod

Collect the key to open the gate

The difficulty of One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod is not only shown through the levels of play. So you need to be careful when performing prison escape operations. There are many different ways to make the guy Tommy lose his life. In addition to touching traps and obstacles. For example, spikes are embedded in the walls. Or wooden crates moving up and down. Care must be taken when collecting keys. Will have to collect in order, through the color of each type of key. It is not possible to collect any type of key in advance. Instead, the key will be sequenced from red, brown, and yellow. If collected incorrectly, the character will also lose his life. However, every player can overcome the challenge. After each loss of life will be returned to the starting line of the participating level to continue the mission.One Level 2- Stickman Jailbreak Mod

To simulate the prison scene in One Level 2: Stickman Jailbreak Mod. The publisher used 2D graphics. Recreate the environment, the landscape in a dark space. Use dark colors to dominate. Along with that, create the character’s shape in a cartoon style. However, there are no expressions or facial parts. But that creates a special feature of its own. Make it fun for all players to participate.

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