ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Disable Enemy, No Cooldown)
ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Disable Enemy, No Cooldown)

ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod APK {{version}} (Menu, Disable Enemy, No Cooldown)

By TT - November 21, 2022
Category Action
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Size 112MB
Version 53100
MOD Features Menu, Disable Enemy, No Cooldown
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Update November 21, 2022 (2 weeks ago )

Join ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod to enter the new story of legendary pirate characters. This is a cult action role-playing game inspired by the One Piece pirate series. You will meet the popular manga characters in the original series. At the same time, you will join them in the most exciting 4v4 PvP battles. Your goal is to get the most treasure by defeating other pirates. To do this, choose the right pirate heroes to build a strong squad. There are many pirates coming out of the series waiting for you to recruit.

Download ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod – Join the pirate war

The One Piece manga became the inspiration for ONE PIECE Bounty Rush. This game will not disappoint you with attractive RPG gameplay and epic 3D design. Parts of the manga are recreated in this game through the 4v4 pirate wars. You can co-op with friends to go to war and participate in ranking competitions. Or you can play in single-player mode to follow the storyline. A series of exciting modes and missions are waiting for you to participate in. Treasures and unique character cards are your rewards.


Exciting 4v4 battles

At the beginning of the game, you will participate in a tutorial to get acquainted. Once mastered, you can choose modes to explore the available quest system. These modes will bring you exciting 4v4 wars. In it, you need to recruit 4 heroes to form a pirate team to fight other pirate groups. In each battle, your goal is to defeat your opponent to steal their treasures. When you reach the treasure station, you need to capture the flag and hold the area for more than 15 seconds. After the timer runs out, you will receive rewards corresponding to the looted treasures.

During the war, you have full control over your pirates. Role-playing and character control are not difficult, but you need to practice regularly to master everything. Control operations include moving, basic attacks, and using skills. You need to combine them together to create effective action combos. The skills of the character system are remade from the original version. Thanks to that, you will feel like you are really becoming one of the famous pirates. The top combat screen will leave you with an unforgettable impression.


The familiar pirate character system

You will have the opportunity to meet familiar anime characters from One Piece, from Luffy to Zolo, Nami, Crocodile, and more in ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod. Each character will have their own look and skill set that are remade from the original. Besides, the character system will be ranked according to the number of stars. 5 stars are the highest level, corresponding to legendary heroes. You can upgrade heroes to improve star count and level. The higher the level, the more stars, and the greater the character’s power.

In addition, the character system is classified into 3 different classes, including Attack, Defense, and Runner. Each class has its own strengths. The Attack is a pirate class that possesses significant damage, Defense has good defense and Runner is a super-fast pirate. You can rely on these strengths and the character’s level and attributes to build a squad. A perfect squad should have a combination of many layers, both ensuring a comprehensive defense and a high breakthrough.


Explore famous places

The world of One Piece manga is vividly recreated in this game. It’s a beautiful 3D space featuring famous areas from the original series. Featured battlefield areas include Baratie restaurant, desert kingdom Alabasta and more. You’ll have a chance to discover them all as you unlock new chapters of the game’s story. Enjoy the beauty of new lands and get ready for a new journey. Many mysteries in the pirate world will gradually be revealed in your adventure.


Vivid 3D manga design

This game brings a very close role-playing feeling thanks to the 3D manga design. It vividly depicts the pirate world as coming out of the famous series. The characters’ visuals, skill sets, battle effects, locations, and more are all identical to the original version. Thanks to that, this game will be the ideal place for you to enjoy the One Piece series in your own way. The battles with eye-catching combat effects, vivid sounds, and realistic 3D images will leave you with many unforgettable impressions.

Don’t hesitate to download ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Mod and immerse yourself in the pirate world. The wars for treasure are waiting for you to start with the participation of famous pirates. Play as your favorite pirates and enjoy their journey. Do not hesitate to spend money on recruiting pirates and creating squads. Be strategic and flexible to conquer many epic 4v4 wars!

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