Railway Tycoon Mod APK 1.390.5086 (Unlimited Money)
Railway Tycoon Mod APK 1.390.5086 (Unlimited Money)

Railway Tycoon Mod APK 1.390.5086 (Unlimited Money)

By TT - December 3, 2022
Name LMHMOD Railway Tycoon
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher DailyFun
Size 75MB
Version 1.390.5086
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update December 3, 2022 (23 hours ago )

If you are a fan of idle management games, you may be satisfied with Railway Tycoon Mod. It is a station-themed simulation game where you can work as the most powerful station operator in the world. Your job is to manage and operate trains, upgrade services, and facilities, and serve your travel customers to the best. What you do will help the station generate idle profit for you to continue to invest in it and further develop your station empire. Moreover, you can decide the timetable of trains, unlock new trains, and build new railways… Everything depends on your strategic business vision.

Download Railway Tycoon Mod – Become an idle station manager

Compared to restaurant or hotel simulators, Railway Tycoon is definitely a different experience. The station theme is not too close to multiplayer, but the game is really approachable and friendly. It does not need you to understand too well how to operate the station, because the game will have instructions for you. Moreover, you don’t need to click continuously or need any complicated strategies. Your job is to go from familiarity through instruction to mastery to manage all the work content yourself. The game also gives you a series of missions to play at each level. Idle mechanics and friendly graphic style will make it easy for you to get used to everything and have a relaxing experience here.


Serve customer needs

In this game, you will work as a real station foreman. Your job is to run a station to help it operate efficiently and generate profits, boosting the city’s economic development. So, what makes an effective station model? First and foremost is the focus on customer needs. You need to clearly understand what your customers need and find ways to meet those needs. They will need clear and specific signage about the different trains, departure times, arrival and departure station information, and more. They also like a comfortable lounge, charging facilities, entertainment area, clean toilets, and other comfortable facilities.

Besides, any customer doesn’t want to wait too long. Therefore, check the timetable of the trains, arrange the departure time accordingly and make sure the train arrives at the station on time. If the customers are too crowded, you need to unlock more routes and more trains to serve the travel demand. As your station system gets bigger and bigger, train fares also get higher and higher. So don’t worry about the initial investments. Time will help you earn more money back to always be profitable. And you will become a rich station tycoon.


Upgrade and expand your station

To drive growth over time, the element of upgrading is necessary. In Railway Tycoon Mod, you can find many opportunities to upgrade and improve your station. Specifically, you can install more automatic ticket vending machines to improve the speed of customer check-in and add security checkpoints to ensure order and safety for train journeys. Besides, the expansion of the platform is also necessary to accommodate the growing number of passengers. Always pay attention to new arising problems to upgrade and expand your station.

Besides, to diversify the source of income, you can build other areas near the station. Small stores, for example, will offer a variety of merchandise ranging from food and drinks to magazines and more so that customers can wait happily. You can also build large restaurants, cafes, hotels … with high quality to serve VIP customers. With more services, you can make more money besides the revenue from train fares. Over time, you will also need to upgrade and expand all of these facilities to improve service speed and improve profitability.


Detailed design, playful music

Compared to many other tycoon games, this game doesn’t seem to be as good in terms of graphics. But it’s compelling enough for you to relax on the phone. It brings a bright and colorful experience space. The images of the passengers, the ticket gatekeepers, the shops, the security gates, and everything else look quite small but detailed enough. Moreover, the petite characters designed in the form of cartoon blocks look very cute. Along with that, cheerful and soothing music also contributes to relaxation.


As can be seen, Railway Tycoon Mod is a lovely idle management game and worth playing. It will give you a different station management experience where you can run everything as you please. Just tap to build, upgrade and manage everything from trains to platforms, security areas, rest, and entertainment areas. Prove you are the real station tycoon here.

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