Rescue Dash Mod APK 2.20.2 (Unlimited Money)
Rescue Dash Mod APK 2.20.2 (Unlimited Money)

Rescue Dash Mod APK 2.20.2 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - November 30, 2022
Name LMHMOD Rescue Dash: time management
Category Simulation
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Matryoshka
Size 150MB
Version 2.20.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Get It On MOD Google Play
Update November 30, 2022 (4 days ago )

Manage time to complete tasks in the Rescue Dash Mod game. This is a simulation game built on classic casual gameplay. The mission system is taking place according to the plot of the game. Your goal is to rescue the city from the chaos caused by beasts and animals. Also, find ways to collect and manage resources. Come up with strategies to be effective. From there it is possible to accomplish the goals required by the system. Achieve excellent achievements to receive many attractive rewards. The game is built with unique features. You will enjoy modern graphics and excellent image quality. Mixed lively sound, and gentle music, creating a pleasant feeling. Promises to bring an extremely attractive puzzle adventure.

Download Rescue Dash Mod – Defend the City In The Chaos Caused By Beasts

The story of Rescue Dash Mod takes place in a huge city. After an unexpected event, all the animals escaped from the zoo. Create unprecedented chaos. Because there are many different animals such as pandas, dogs, seals, … there are many other species. They are everywhere, on the streets, in buildings. Make people feel confused and scared. Now, you will have to role-play as the character Jessica. As a captain of the rescue team, specializing in performing rescue jobs. Mission to help people who are trapped by the siege of beasts. At the same time, find a way to restore the peaceful city to the way it was before. A challenging adventure awaits ahead. You will have to find ways to protect the city against this chaos.Rescue Dash Mod

Puzzle-style quests

The gameplay of Rescue Dash Mod is designed in the style of puzzle adventure. Built specifically for those who dream of becoming a lifeguard. Show yourself as a good person, by helping people. In the chaotic situation of the city, uncontrollable. You can become a hero to everyone’s delight. Thanks to the rescue actions when they are in trouble. For example, help children who are stuck on a Ferris wheel. The condition requires not to let them fall. At the same time take the children to the health station for a health check. That will help their parents feel happy when their child is still safe. Moreover, through the process of doing the task, you will meet happy friends. With a good mood as they carry out the rescue mission together.Game Rescue Dash Mod

Play a variety of roles

Play as a rescuer to protect the city of Rescue Dash Mod. You will have to play many different roles. Because there are so many emergency situations, immediate intervention is required. For example, employees work in hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, farms, and movie studios. Become a builder to restore roads, and renovate buildings that are severely degraded. Or become a cleaning staff, collecting garbage at many different locations to clean up the environment. Sometimes will transform into a train driver to transport goods. Or become an animal care worker, feeding delicious food for them to grow. To be able to complete all missions with the best results. Requires ingenuity in the work process. As well as your speed and time management skills.Ear Rescue Dash Mod

Resource management

Resources play an important role in the defense of the city. Therefore, it is necessary to manage resources well. As well as finding ways to increase the number of resources increasingly larger. Through the implementation of the missions of Rescue Dash Mod. Achieve excellent achievements to receive rewards after completing missions. From there will get resources to use on necessary operations. However, you need to be careful while performing the work of a lifeguard. Time is very important, a big decision to the outcome. Each mission has a time limit. Excellent completion in the shortest amount of time. From there will get a large number of resources. To do this requires individual skill. Solve puzzles quickly and efficiently.Download Rescue Dash Mod

The mission in Rescue Dash Mod is also divided into levels. Every time you go to the next level, you will be unlocked many new features by the system. For example, in new locations, have the opportunity to explore the challenging maze. Or solve puzzles of higher difficulty. From there will receive a handsome reward after completing a job. Along with that, every time starting a new level. The puzzles will be more complicated than before. Meanwhile will have to race against time to finish before the finish. Makes you face a lot of difficulties, but that will bring the feeling of not being bored.

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